As of 2015, nearly 25 percent of Americans have so much stuff in their garage that they cannot use it to fit their car. This exposes the car to premature aging and decreases the home’s curb appeal with clutter. The good news is, a garage organizing system can reduce clutter, restore the space to its intended purpose and even increase home value, making it a smart investment for savvy homeowners.

An organized garage increases your home’s value

If you’re putting your home on the real estate market, organizing your garage is vital to generating interest. Whether your garage is attached or standalone, organizing the space lets you show it off in the best light possible. Buyers will be immediately turned off by a cluttered garage. They will also perceive the garage space as being smaller than it is because clutter doesn’t let them see the space.

Organization systems get rid of clutter

It can be so overwhelming to declutter a garage that you might feel tempted to put off organizing because you don’t want to tackle clutter. If you feel nervous about decluttering, consider hiring a home organizing professional to help you make sense of the space.

Once you have decluttered and cleaned the space, start from scratch with garage storage cabinets that provide everything with a dedicated home. When you have cabinets for your items, and you commit to putting items back in their place after you use them, you won’t get overwhelmed with clutter again.

Shelving and overhead storage free up floor space and help you see at a glance what you’ve got. Now, everything from yard work to take out the trash can be easier and faster.

Your garage will be bigger

Organizing as you’re putting your house on the market gives you the chance to reduce clutter and donate or sell items you no longer need or want. After you’ve cleaned the space and put everything in its new place, don’t be surprised if your garage seems much larger. If you’ve been parking your car outside the garage for years because you could not fit the car in, you may be able to reclaim that space and reduce weather-related wear and tear on your car.

More square footage in your garage means more space to use however you like. You may be able to add a hobby or workshop space in the garage, place home renovation equipment inside, or just show off the best side of your home to potential buyers.

Make this the year that you finally tackle the clutter in your home and get organized. We can help you explore all your garage storage options so you can design the garage organizing system that best meets your needs with a free on-site design consultation. Contact us today!

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