What’s the one room in your house where everyone’s okay with piling yard tools, randomly stacking junk, and tossing unused items into? That’s right, it’s the garage. If you’re like the average homeowner, this is a room you never spend time in because it’s so disorganized.
You may have difficulty feeling motivated to transform your garage – until it takes you 20 minutes to find the rake or you trip over multiple boxes trying to reach the holiday decorations. If you’re ready to enjoy the space, follow these five tips for transforming your garage from a junk heap into a well-oiled machine.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

Start by placing everything stored in the garage in one of three piles: “keep,” “throw away” or “sell/donate.” Keep the items you use regularly. Throw away broken, obsolete, or mismatched junk. Hold a garage sale to sell items in good shape that you no longer use. Donate whatever doesn’t sell.

Categorize Remaining Items

Divide everything you decide to keep into categories for storage purposes. Keeping like-items together makes it easier to find them when you need them. Your categories might include tools, gardening supplies, sporting equipment, and seasonal decorations.

Install Hooks

Wall hooks are an ideal way to store big, bulky, or awkwardly shaped items. Hang your bike, rakes, brooms, shovels, and sports gear on the wall to free up floor and shelf space.

You can even utilize small hooks on a peg board to store tools and hardware in an easy-to-reach place. This versatile solution helps you utilize vertical space so you can keep drawers free from other items.

Invest in Overhead Storage

You only have so much floor and wall space in your garage, but there’s plenty of storage room above your head. If you find yourself running out of room, overhead storage could be the perfect solution for items you only use once a year or less. Shelves attached to the ceiling expand your storage area while leaving prime real estate near the ground free for items you use regularly.

Install New Garage Flooring

If you spend time working on your car or doing other hobbies in the garage, you’re probably tired of the boring grey, pockmarked concrete garage floor. Fortunately, there’s a better option called epoxy garage flooring.

Available in numerous colors, patterns, and layouts, the epoxy garage floor is stain resistant and easy to maintain. Whether you spill grease, paint, or hard water on the garage floor coating, cleanup is as simple as wiping the surface with a rag. Choose from tiles or chip floor coating for a non-slip, durable surface that makes your garage a more enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing place to spend your time.

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