Does your garage exist in a state of perpetual chaos? Do you wish you could park your car in the garage but can’t because the floor is littered with toys, tools, and trash? It’s just too easy for garages to evolve into black holes for random items that don’t fit anywhere else in your home simply because garages represent spaces that are “out of sight, out of mind”. Making mistakes with utilizing available garage storage solutions properly is another common reason why homeowners have nightmares about clawing their way from under mountains of garage clutter.

Mistake #1: Your garage ceiling and walls are empty.

Can you see your garage ceiling and walls but not the garage floor? Then, Houston, we have a problem. Homeowners tend to neglect to make full use of their garage ceilings and walls usually because they don’t know about the many garage storage devices that can help maintain a safe, uncluttered garage. By installing custom garage cabinets and overhead storage racks, you’ll be able to clear that floor and put lesser-used or seasonal items in easy-to-access storage. You could potentially double or triple the amount of garage space available to you depending on how much you invest in wall cabinets and overhead storage racks.

Mistake #2: You’ve already got garage cabinets but they’re the wrong size or type for what you need to be stored.

Garage cabinets are the first line of defense in combating a disorganized, unsafe, and unsightly garage. Floor or wall cabinets provide storage areas for all types of garage clutter and will quickly clear the floor of tools, chemical containers, paint buckets, kids’ outdoor toys, and yard maintenance items. You can also purchase cabinets equipped with magnetic locks to keep children and pets away from toxic chemicals. Two garage organization tips: store items that need protection from dust or dirt in cabinets with doors and put items you use frequently in cabinets offering open shelves.

Mistake #3: You’ve neglected your garage floor.

Nothing degrades an organized garage more than chipped, broken concrete floors darkened by oil stains and smelly, sticky remnants of chemical spills. Untreated concrete garage floors will tarnish the overall appearance of even the cleanest, most organized garages. In addition, covering grimy, cracked concrete floors with rubber mats or ratty carpet remnants is dangerous. You could easily slip on a piece of carpet or worn mat hit the hard concrete and suffer a broken arm–or worse. Alternately, cleaning untreated concrete floors is physically demanding, involving strong cleaners, scouring, sandblasting, and even flame-cleaning. Learn more about treating your garage floor to accommodate your organizational needs here).

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