Most people have experienced walking into the garage with a big box that needs to be stored and realizing there’s not anywhere to put it. Your seasonal storage, lawn care items, bikes, tools, and other stuff can easily take over a whole garage, leaving you nowhere to even park a car. The good news is that there are several ways to increase the amount of space you have in your garage without having to add any square footage.

Get bulky items off the floor

You only have so much floor space, and this space is essential for walking around and parking your car if you want to have it in the garage. Therefore, start by taking things that don’t need to be on the floor and putting them up on the walls. Wall-mounted storage shelves or cabinets are one of the best ways to clear off your floor. All that stuff cluttering the floor can be stored vertically, freeing up important space on the floor for the things that need to go there, like your car.

Use peg boards for small items

Smaller items can clutter surfaces, but you don’t want to store them away because you use many of them frequently. Install a peg board on one wall and use small hooks on the board to neatly store all your go-to hand tools and other small supplies. This makes them easy to grab whenever you need them, and you can always reconfigure the hooks if you get a new tool that you want to add.

Rely on wall hooks for bulky items

Large wall hooks are one of the best ways to store bulky items that would otherwise use your valuable floor space. What you might be surprised to learn is that there are several types of specialized hooks to choose from. Hoop hooks are ideal for keeping extension cords and hoses coiled and tidy. When storing bikes, get bike hooks that are specifically made to support the weight of a bike and make it easy to get on and off. Double hooks are ideal for storing long-handled items with wide heads, like shovels, mops, and brooms.

Store hazardous materials out of reach

Whenever you are dealing with storing potentially dangerous items, remember to keep kids and pets safe. Locked cabinets are ideal for pesticides, anti-freeze, and other poisonous substances. A large storage cabinet can also hold power tools, hedge trimmers, and other tools that could hurt a child or pet. Alternatively, you can store some of these items high and out of reach in ceiling-mounted storage.

Everybody’s garage is different, and you might have specific problem areas that need help. Contact us today to schedule a free on-site design consultation and get ideas for how to get more space in your garage.

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