Your garage floor takes a beating from oil leaks, chemical spills, road salts, and exposure to moisture. If you spend a lot of time in the garage working on the car or enjoying your favorite hobby, you want the space to look visually appealing and perform to your expectations. You can protect the garage floor, hide cracks, prevent future stains, and make the space easier to clean with a garage floor coating. garage flooring options
There are many ways to go about covering a concrete garage floor. How do you choose between various garage flooring options? Consider the most popular ones and why a professionally installed epoxy floor coating is simply the best choice.

Flexible floor tiles

With many colors and patterns available, you can create custom designs with this garage flooring option. Flexible tiles have a soft, rubbery feel that produces a slip-resistant surface to walk on. However, flexible floor tiles are prone to staining and damage from chemicals. They also expand and contract with temperature changes and exposure to direct sunlight, causing warping and buckling.

Rigid floor tiles

Rigid snap-together floor tiles can bear a heavier load, plus they expand and contract less than flexible floor tiles. They’re easy to install and keep clean. However, they are prone to trapping moisture beneath them, which can lead to mold and mildew problems. They also make an unattractive clicking noise when you walk on them.

Garage floor mats

Roll-out mats are good for protecting the floor directly below your car. You can also install them wall-to-wall, cutting them to fit with a utility knife. Unfortunately, garage floor mats are prone to staining. They can be permanently damaged by hot tires or chemical spills, and they can’t be replaced in sections. Mats can also be punctured by dropped tools or bicycle kickstands. They expand and contract up to 2% in extreme conditions, causing buckling. In the end, roll-out mats are not a permanent garage flooring option.

DIY epoxy flooring kits

Epoxy is the best flooring option, but DIY kits aren’t as good as professionally installed epoxy floor coatings. Proper floor preparation is critical, and the epoxy must be prepared correctly before applying it to the floor. The improper application could result in a poor-quality end product.

Professional Epoxy Floor Coatings are Superior to Alternative Options

With a professional drawing on years of experience, you can expect your epoxy garage floor coating to be applied without a hitch. Nothing outshines or outlasts professionally installed epoxy flooring. It will never peel, fade, or warp. The attractive, high-gloss finish is stain-resistant and UV stable to remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

Do you think epoxy floor coating is right for your garage? Schedule a free on-site design consultation with a Philadelphia Garage representative to find out.

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