Lots of people are talking these days about epoxy paint and what it can do for your garage flooring. You may wonder if it is as good as it seems. Using epoxy paint to make a garage floor coating is an excellent choice that will upgrade your garage from fair to fabulous. If you care about keeping your garage neat and clean, you should recognize that your garage floor has the potential to make the rest of the garage look better or worse. Invest in epoxy paint for your garage floor, and you will learn that it is the best garage floor coating around.

What is Epoxy Paint?

You might think of a garage floor coating as just a few layers of paint on the floor, but it is more complicated. Epoxy paint, also known as an epoxy floor coating, is a combination of different types of materials layered onto the garage floor. The epoxy paint fills in cracks and dents, providing a smooth surface on top with a great shine. Epoxy paint may be made of full epoxy with no solvents, epoxy made with solvents, and water-based epoxy that is often used because it gives off no fumes.

The epoxy layer is installed, followed by a finish that dries very quickly. The epoxy floor coating installation process takes just a few days and can happen at virtually any time of the year. You will see that the result is a very hard, durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain and can stand up to a lot of wear over years or even decades. It provides a professional look and will impress your family, friends, and neighbors. You can consider a lot of possible options for garage flooring, but epoxy paint is the gold standard that will last longer, with easier maintenance, than virtually all of the others.

Conceals Dents and Cracks

All you have to do is keep a new garage for a few years, and problems start to arise. Chips in the cement from dropped equipment, and cracks from changes in weather and moisture, all conspire to make your garage floor look broken and on its last legs. The uneven surface becomes a trip hazard, and no one wants that. Epoxy paint is an excellent way to hide all of these imperfections and protect against further damage from happening. The epoxy bonds to the concrete and protects it from whatever your family throws at it. Even better, the epoxy paint also blocks moisture that travels from underneath the cement, minimizing long-term damage and allowing you to enjoy your garage floor coating much longer.

Epoxy Paint is “Car Friendly”

There are so many reasons that you will appreciate epoxy paint on your garage floor, especially for parking your car. A pitted or broken concrete surface may, over time, wear down your car’s tires more quickly. Epoxy paint is smooth but sturdy enough that you can drive over it again and again without worry that you will damage the floor, or that the paint will damage the car. You will appreciate the epoxy paint even more in winter. During the cold winter, your car tracks in all kinds of road salts, water, and dirt. In the past, these would have absorbed into your concrete and eroded the surface, causing a slip hazard or contributing to further damage to your garage floor. Instead, an epoxy garage floor is moisture-resistant, ensuring that oil spills and other realities of car ownership do not have to ruin your garage.

Epoxy Paint Makes Your Garage Look Great

Admit it: You care about the way your garage looks. When you pull your car out of the garage every morning and return home from work in the evening, you do not want to view a space that looks like a frightful mess. Without epoxy paint, you can still see the spill from a kids’ drink that you were never fully able to pull out of the concrete. This is a source of constant frustration that you can easily eliminate from your sight and your memory. When you consider epoxy floor coating, you get access to colors and options you might never have thought available. Cracks and spills give way to bright colors or hues that match your home’s décor, that are designed to make your garage look as if it belongs in a showroom. Choose from designs that are sleek and smooth, or even look like stone.

Garage Cleaning Made Easy

One of the benefits of having your epoxy paint installed professionally is that it will be amazingly easy to clean over the years. Epoxy paint is moisture-resistant, which means that it will not absorb almost anything that you spill on it. If you like to open your garage on the weekends and host friends for a barbecue, or just sit and watch football in good weather, you need a way to clean up spills. All you have to do is wipe it or mop it clean and it will look good as new. Keep a roll of shop towels or a mop in your garage, and that is all you need to maintain and protect your garage floor coating over time.

For your garage to function appropriately, every little piece must be in order. If you spend time on your walls and ceiling but leave the floor to its own devices, you may suffer from a garage that does not work well or look good. Install epoxy paint for your garage floor coating and you will discover how useful it is, how it ensures your family’s safety, and makes you happier than you were with your current garage floor. Contact us today for a free epoxy paint consultation to see how it can be the ideal choice for your garage floor coating.

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