Do you wish you could improve the appearance of your garage floor? As you compare different floor covering options, you have probably come across quite a few options, including soft and rigid tiles, roll-out mats, paint, DIY epoxy, and professional epoxy flooring. Of these options, professionally applied epoxy is the most expensive. Is the extra upfront cost worth the long-term benefits? Consider the facts and decide for yourself.

Epoxy Flooring is Durable

When you invest in a garage flooring material, you want it to stand the test of time. Epoxy certainly does. Thanks to its incredible durability, this type of garage flooring can easily last 15 years or more. Here are the qualities that make this possible:

  • The coating won’t melt or peel, even under hot car tires.
  • The strong topcoat is impact and puncture resistant, so you don’t have to fear a dropped wrench or motorcycle kickstand damaging the garage flooring.
  • Epoxy is abrasion resistant, so it maintains its sheen without being marred by scratches.
  • 100% UV protection prevents the epoxy from yellowing in the sun.

Epoxy Flooring is Easy to Maintain

Superior garage flooring continues to look its best even with the wear and tear of everyday life. If you accidentally spill your lemonade or your car leaks oil onto the ground, don’t fret – epoxy is nonporous so liquids pool on top instead of absorbing into and staining the floor coating.

Dust, road salt, and other solid materials are also easy to wipe off with a mop or damp cloth. When you’re ready to clean the entire floor, simply mop or hose it down to help it look as good as new.

Epoxy is a Safe Flooring Choice

When you add any new feature to your home, you want to be sure your family’s safety comes first. Epoxy is a safe flooring choice for several reasons:

  • The topcoat is slip resistant, even when wet.
  • High-quality epoxy contains no VOCs and gives off very little odor.
  • Epoxy is fire-resistant to help keep your family safe.

Epoxy Flooring Increases Home Value

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market soon, adding epoxy garage flooring is an effective way to increase your asking price and get more attention from potential buyers. People are impressed by the unique features that make your home stand out from the rest.

Epoxy certainly fits the bill, especially once prospective homebuyers understand all the benefits of epoxy flooring! Plus, epoxy seals in concrete “dust” so it’s not tracked inside when you’re trying to keep your home looking nice for an open house.

In short, yes – epoxy flooring is worth the cost! To learn more about epoxy floor coatings, please contact us today.

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