The beginning of a new year allows you to evaluate your life and make changes. For some people, that means setting resolutions to exercise or saving more money. For others, the new year presents an opportunity to remodel their garages so they can have better spaces for storage and work on projects.

If you plan to update your garage this year, make sure you consider the following options. They could radically change the way that you use your garage.

Use Garage Floor Epoxy for More Durability and Beauty

A concrete garage floor pales in comparison to a garage floor that has been treated with epoxy. When you have your garage floor coated with epoxy, you benefit from features like:

  • High-gloss surfaces that offer more shine and brightness
  • Durability that can withstand frequent use and heavy traffic
  • Beauty that comes from a range of paint colors
  • Enhanced safety that makes slipping less likely

Garage floor epoxy also requires minimal maintenance. Even if you have a chip in your garage floor, the epoxy’s color will usually cover the imperfection.

You can also easily remove stains from epoxy garage floors. Concrete often absorbs stains, which makes it difficult for you to keep your floor attractive. With epoxy floors, though, you can usually get rid of stains by mopping the area.

Add Cabinets for More Storage Space

Garages can always use more storage space, especially if you use them for storing tools, holiday decorations, and other items. Chances are that you use your garage for more than protecting your vehicles from the elements. Since you have so many things to store, it makes sense to invest in custom cabinets that will give you more space.

Custom cabinets give you advantages that you won’t get from prefabricated systems. The types of cabinets that you find at home supply stores are designed to meet basic needs. That’s fine for some people. If you’re serious about having a nice garage where you enjoy spending time, though, you need custom cabinets that match your unique needs.

Some features to consider for your custom cabinets include:

  • Drawers specifically designed for storing the tools you use most often
  • Pull-out trash cans that make your garage look more attractive
  • Floor-to-ceiling designs that let you store long items like lumber and ladders

Install Overhead Organizers to Eliminate Clutter

If you don’t control clutter, your garage can become one of the most dangerous parts of your home. Keeping a garage organized, however, is a challenge for many people. Having the right organizational system will make it much easier for you to make your garage as safe as possible.

Overhead organizers work well for most people because they can free up space on their garage floors. You probably own a lot of things that you don’t use very often. Realistically, you probably only want to access your luggage, holiday decorations, and certain tools a few times a year. Placing them on the ceiling, therefore, doesn’t create an inconvenience.

When choosing overhead organizers, you want to make sure that you choose an option that can safely hold the weight of the items you want to store. Some ceiling-mounted racks can hold 250 pounds. Others can hold 600 pounds or more. As long as you choose the right option, you know that the organizer is safe.

You have plenty of options when it comes to making your garage a more functional, attractive space. Contact Philadelphia Garage for a free consultation that will help you choose the perfect epoxy floor coating, custom cabinets, and organization systems for your garage.

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