Common Epoxy Floor Coating Myths

Common Epoxy Floor Coating Myths

Thinking of redoing your garage floor? There are so many paint colors, materials and choices! But have you thought about adding an epoxy floor coating? Is this something you have considered before?

Epoxy Benefits: Is It Really Worth It?

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Epoxy is typically favored for garages and hardy flooring solutions. For those who wonder if it really is as good as most people say, here is what you should know about epoxy paint.

Essentially, it’s one of the toughest materials for a choice finish. That makes it ideal for garages — a place that sees lots of wear and tear, as well as heavy equipment moved around.

Choosing to have epoxy garage flooring has more to do than just aesthetic preferences. It has a more functional use, and can be used in residential as well as commercial settings. You may have seen it used in showrooms, for example. It gives off a great smooth shine, but is also practical and long lasting.

For many reasons, epoxy floor coatings do come with plenty of myths and misconceptions. Let’s look at a few, and then examine the reality of each one in detail.

Myth 1: Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Too Expensive

The first thing you are probably going to take into account when making building improvements is your budget, and that’s a good thing. While many people may tell you that epoxy floor coatings will just be more expensive, let’s take a closer look. Depending on the size of your floor space and your business and home needs, it may just be the more economical choice.

The reason many think it is expensive is because they think it is just a high-priced type of paint. The reality is that epoxy is actually a type of resin — an extra coating that will harden and give your floor extreme strength, durability and quality. This adds to its long-lasting features and ensures that whatever structures or equipment you have in your garage, they won’t damage your flooring.

It is also a substance that cures, rather than dries, adding tenacity to your flooring surface. It is good to take into account what you deem as the best quality: how long you want your garage flooring to last, what you will be storing on your floors, and your budget allowance, of course.

Myth 2: You Can DIY Epoxy Floor Coating

Because of the trend of TV home improvement programs, you may think that it is quite easy to DIY your own epoxy floor coating. The reality is that DIY kits do not have the same quality as professional garage epoxy products. You may end up wasting more time and quality in the long run when attempting to do your own floors. If you choose to get your garage floors professionally done, on the other hand, you’ll stress less, be guaranteed a quality job, get it finished on time, and not waste precious time and money. What would you rather prefer?

Myth 3: You May Need to Redo Epoxy Coatings Every 1-3 Years

Because the epoxy coats harden and have a special quality to them, you won’t need to worry about this. In our experience, most homeowners are even able to get as much as 15 years out of their garage floors before having to improve them.

Myth 4: Using Paints Work Just as Well as Epoxy Floor Coatings

This is one of the biggest myths around. If done properly and with a professional, you can get the best quality from epoxy flooring. The special thermosetting resin has an incredible strength. This is highly necessary if your garage has to handle a few cars, bicycles and handyman tools falling.

Usually, epoxy will be moisture-resistant. So it is ideal for all seasons of the year, but especially winter climates. And this is a quality you just can’t get with ordinary paint. When you need to clean your floor, epoxy is the best choice for durability. Simply use a wet mop or broom to sweep up and dust and debris. The epoxy floor coating resins and hardeners make cleaning up an easy task.

More Reasons to Love Epoxy Floor Coating

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Many people choose epoxy floor coating for other reasons, including the fact that it is stain-resistant. Harsh chemicals won’t damage it. Gases and other possible fluids in your garage won’t be an issue. And if you have a large and active family, it can definitely handle lots of wear and tear. Imagine the kid’s trikes and bikes falling all over your newly painted floors!

On the bright side, it has a reflective quality, and lets in a lot of light to your garage. So if you are going for a bright and inspiring atmosphere in your garage, this is the best choice.

For more tips on redoing your homes and garages, see 5 Questions To Ask Before Professionally Applying Garage Floor Coating.

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