Before & After: A Complete Garage Makeover in Malvern, PA

Before & After: A Complete Garage Makeover in Malvern, PA

Having multiple children who are involved in sports and other outdoor activities can cause our garages to become cluttered faster than we think. Here at Philadelphia Garage, we are here to provide our clients with full garage makeovers that can help with not only bringing their garage dreams to life, but also help with clutter and protecting the garage floor.


A previous client of ours in Malvern, PA reached out because he wanted to have something nicer, and something better looking than what he was currently using. Not only did he want something that would be pleasing to look at, he wanted something functional that would help his family’s busy lifestyle to stay organized, and he also wanted to protect his concrete with something that would match the new storage solutions that he envisioned.

After speaking with the client initially, Philadelphia Garage knew that we would be able to help. When we sent our expert out to speak with the client, discuss his garage makeover, what he was interested in, and what he had envisioned for his space, we knew we would be able to help.


Before: the client had done a respectable job organizing, but there was lots of room for improvement.


When we arrived for the appointment, the future client was ready for us. He walked us through what he was interested in having done, what kind of storage solutions he needed to fit his family’s lifestyle, and what they were going to need to store. He was also able to take his time and discuss his concerns about protecting his concrete with a new garage floor coating. Although it was new, he wanted to ensure that it would stay nice throughout their time at this home.

Philadelphia Garage knew that we would be the right choice for this job. We discussed our process with the client and our options for color choices, as well as what we could do to ensure that everything matched, was pleasing to look at, and would be functional for his busy family. Once a design was drawn up and approved, we went to work making sure that our foreman was fully ready for the installation, that we had everything ready, and we were ready to bring the client’s garage makeover dreams to life.


During: the floors have been installed – now it’s time for the functional storage system.


The installation itself was done in two phases. First, we installed the garage flooring using our polyurea coating, and then we mounted all their garage storage solutions that went along with the design. Our installers are highly trained, with ongoing education, to make sure we can provide the client with the best possible experience and a finished product that they can be proud of.

Our client could not have been more thrilled with the finished product. Philadelphia Garage was able to take their ideas and bring them to life. You do not need to have an in-depth project to call Philadelphia Garage — we are here to help bring any garage makeover dream to life. It just takes a phone call to our office to schedule an appointment.


After: a full garage remodel ready for the chaos of daily life!


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