8 Steps to Organize Your Garage For Good This Summer

8 Steps to Organize Your Garage For Good This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and declutter the most often neglected space in your home — your garage. 

Finding items you need in a disorganized garage is increasingly challenging and time-consuming. It often becomes a dumping ground for unwanted items, making it extremely difficult to  even park a vehicle. 

According to one survey, 36% of Americans say their garages are so unorganized that they can’t park a car inside. 

Looking to declutter your garage for good? This article explains the 8 best and easy-to-follow tips you can use to organize your garage this summer to improve its functionality and overall aesthetics. 

1. Clean the Clutter

Even if you have a clean garage, chances are you may have things like broken equipment or an expired can of paint you no longer need. 

Before you start decluttering your garage, make sure to give it a thorough cleanout. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Take inventory
  • Throw out all irreparable/expired items
  • Organize the remaining stuff into “keep, sell, and donate
  • Prepare things for garage sales
  • Decide the best option for your belongings once you declutter
  • Sweep out debris and other dust particles and give the garage a good wash and reseal


2. Set Up Zones

When starting to organize your garage, make sure to sort items by categories into easily accessible zones to find things you need. 

Keep car detailing products like rags, fluids, sponges, and other essential tools on designated DIY car washing shelves.

Or, you can store and group recreational equipment, camping gear, backstock, and seasonal decorations in their separate garage section.


3. Install Slatwalls

Slatwalls are an excellent way to have items up and turn your garage clutter-free. Mounting slatwall panels on your walls can help you optimize every inch of storage space.

Once you place the panels, you can add hooks, baskets, shelves, and cabinets to improve the storage options for your garage. The best part of using slatwall storage is the ability to customize the accessories to your needs: you pick what hangs on them!




4. Hang Pegboards

Pegboards provide a simple and convenient solution for adding hanging storage in a garage, particularly for smaller and lightweight items. 

They’re perfect for creating massive storage wall units, keeping your tools within reach above a workbench, or setting up a bag or coat rack near the door. 

You can customize and organize your tools and equipment to suit your preferences by using shelves, specialty hooks, baskets, and other accessories.


5. Use an Overhead Storage Rack

The best storage systems for your garage are those using wall or ceiling spaces – without creating extra clutter. 

Consider creating overhead storage racks to keep pet carriers, luggage, seasonal sporting equipment, and other stuff you don’t want year-round so that you are able to park your vehicle easily in your garage.


6. Build Space for Sporting Gear Storage

Create a dedicated storage space for sports equipment and gear to maintain garage organization and prevent accidents caused by skateboards, hockey sticks, roller skates, and other sporting gear taking up valuable floor space. 

Use vertical nets, racks, or baskets hung on the wall to store volleyballs, basketballs, and footballs, freeing up your garage floor from obstacles. 

Also, you can use slanted wire shoe racks for sports shoes or place paneled walls with a range of hooks, such as J hooks and double hooks, to neatly store surfboards, canoe paddles, and other sporting equipment.




7. Add Wire Shelves

Looking for a low-cost garage organization idea? Instead of choosing cabinets, try wire shelves. They’re perfect for storing all sorts of items – whether it’s gardening tools or seasonal decor. 

Although wire shelves provide the durability of metal shelves, they don’t take up too much space. Whether you go for wire or metal shelves, ensure ample clearance underneath for hassle-free garage floor-sweeping.


8. Utilize Rollout Bins

For a clutter-free garage workbench, consider using rollout bins as storage drawers. Rather than leaving items scattered, install slideout bins with walls to conveniently access garage inventory. These bins provide dedicated space for messy items, keeping your workspace organized and tidy.



Key Takeaway

Taking time out to declutter your garage for good this summer helps you save both time and stress. Follow these easy yet effective eight tips  will put you on the right path to an organized garage, letting you easily find your favorite summer gear and equipment.

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