You have seen your neighbor’s smart garage organization, and it seems effective. Is it possible to keep everything in cabinet storage, without having any boxes or bags piled on the floor? The answer is yes. Garage cabinets can turn your garage into the biggest storage bonus in your home, with options you never knew existed.

  1. Garage Cabinets Come in Various Colors
  2. If you are going to invest in garage cabinets, you want to be sure that they will fit with the overall design scheme of your home. Fortunately, there are so many available colors that you are sure to find the right style for your garage theme, and the cabinets will also coordinate well with your garage floor coating. The Signature Garage Cabinet Series features a bright white interior with the following colors for the exterior: chateau, copper blaze, driftwood, heritage maple, platinum, and arctic white.

    The Classic Garage Cabinet Series, with the same color throughout, comes in the following designs: ambassador, autumn cherry, bistro walnut, candlelight, canyon plum, chateau, cocoa, driftwood, eggshell, French roast, heritage maple, highland oak, knotty timber, light cherry, mahogany, midnight black, mocha, stone, wheat, and arctic white. Except for eggshell, midnight black, stone, and arctic white, all styles offer color variations designed to mimic wood or metal. It looks as if you can see the grain.

  3. Garage Cabinets Have Different Storage Options
  4. The colors and styles of the cabinets themselves are just the beginning. Once you open the cabinet door, you start to envision the kinds of things you might want to put in each one. These features help you vary the organization of each cabinet.

    Hanging Rods:

    Your snow gear is a huge pain to store in other closets. It is entirely too bulky, which makes it unreasonable for your coat closet, coat rack, or a small reach-in closet in a child’s bedroom. A hanging rod inside a wide garage cabinet provides the space you need for parkas, puffy coats, and snow pants. In the summer, switch out the winter clothes for sports jerseys and coveralls for your home improvement projects.


    There are certain items, like hand tools or gardening tools, that are simply impractical to put in a drawer. Like your skis and rakes, you want to put these things on hooks. Installing hooks into a garage cabinet helps you to keep your tools separated based on the task or activity while ensuring that they stay clean and dry. Hooks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you could even get a hook that allows you to stack your rakes or shovels from back to front in a deep cabinet.

    Adjustable Shelving:

    Unless you have the biggest garage ever, some of your cabinets will need to do double duty, depending on the time of year. Right now, you want all that space in a tall cabinet for skis, snowboards, and poles. In six months, you might not have regular use for any item that tall. Adjustable shelving gives you the flexibility you need to switch your storage options, so you can split a tall cabinet into smaller spaces that are more appropriate.


    Of course, there are plenty of little things, such as nails or drill bits, that would be crazy to try to put loose in a cabinet. That is what cabinet drawers were built for. Devote some of the wall space to drawers that will keep your work gloves together, with drawer dividers to separate the nuts and screws.

  5. They Are An Easy Organization Solution
  6. Customization involves more than simply getting to pick what your garage cabinets look like and what they will hold. You also have control over the placement of the cabinets. This way, you finally get a garage storage system that works for you. When you first try to find some sense of organization in a garage without much storage, you end up putting related things in different places out of necessity. It makes projects and tasks take longer because you have to keep walking around and searching the garage for the next tool you need. Garage cabinets allow you to organize your garage based on how you want to use it, with everything in the right order.

  7. They Can Store Hobby Items
  8. A cohesive garage organization plan that divides up the available space into zones often means that you have more room than you previously expected. Hobbies take up a varying amount of space, and you have to make sure that the bigger ones have enough room for tools, equipment, and materials. By getting your golf clubs out of the corner of the garage, you kill two birds with one stone. First, you create space for cabinets to maximize the depth and height of that corner. Second, you protect your expensive clubs and bag, with extra space for your golf shoes if you want. When you pick up a new hobby like rose gardening, you just have to tweak the cabinets a little bit to provide the tools.

  9. Garage Cabinets Clear Floor Clutter
  10. The most overused space in many garages is the floor, and this is a big problem. You need a lot of space on the floor to walk safely, do your projects and, of course, park your car. This is particularly important during the cold Pittsburgh winter when the floor is wet. Garage cabinets provide all the space you need to store equipment for home and hobbies on the walls, not the floor. By eliminating that clutter, you make the floor easier to keep clean and prevent your family from tripping over something during a dark winter morning.

    Until you get your garage cabinets, you have no idea how efficient they are and how well they can organize your life. If you want to take your garage storage to the next level, contact us today to get a free estimate for custom garage cabinets in your Pittsburgh home.

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