Are you trying to make garage storage solutions work for you and having trouble implementing something that solves your organization’s problems smartly and cost-effectively? Try our recommendation of 4 tools you need in your garage right now to streamline garage organization and reduce clutter.

  • Cabinets
  • It may seem cliché, but cabinets are a great way to organize almost everything you have in the garage. Cabinets come in all different sizes and shapes. You can select wall-mounted cabinets to keep space free on the floor or put cabinets on the floor and then place a workbench on top.

    Built-in cabinets are a great way to keep things organized in the garage, no matter which style you choose.

  • Magnetic Tool Strips
  • Sometimes, it’s easier to have everything you need at arm’s reach. Magnetic strips make this super simple to do; you can even install them yourself without too much trouble.

    Try a magnetic strip over a work area for an instant tool kit. This way, you can grab what you need and go. We recommend that you only keep what you use often on one of these strips. Specialized items can go in cabinets or toolboxes.

  • Hanging Racks and Baskets
  • It’s easy to overlook wall space, but doing so risks clutter. Odds are, you have at least two walls in your garage that can be used to elevate items off the ground and reclaim floor space.

    There is a range of ways to incorporate garage wall storage. When it comes to garage storage solutions, we’re partial to slat walls. They accommodate all manner of shelves, racks, and hooks. Add baskets and bins and you have a flexible, scalable storage system that can hold everything from bikes and ski boots to nails and screws.

  • Lighting
  • Lighting is an often-overlooked element of garage storage. All the racks and cabinets in the world will not do you any good if you cannot see what is stored there. Add lighting elements above your custom storage spots so you can find everything quickly. We also recommend motion-sensitive lights outside the garage. This way, you can safely access the garage any time you need to and won’t need to turn on the light if you are carrying something heavy.

    These four tools are flexible, scalable, and adaptable to a wide range of budgets. Even if you think you do not have the money to spend on garage storage systems, you can pick and choose components that work. Garage storage will increase the value of your home while also increasing your ability to get the most use out of your house. To learn more about the products and services we offer at Philadelphia Garage, just give us a call.

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