Most of the time, people think of a garage and they think of their cars or motorcycles. The garage is a place to store your vehicle, right? At Philadelphia Garage, we do not specialize in the car business—we want you to get the most use out of your garage in any way possible. Sometimes, that means thinking outside of the box and turning your garage into a valuable addition to your life, not just a valuable place to store your car. In 2022, people spend more time than ever before inside their homes (up to 35% more!), and square footage is not to be wasted. Here are four unique ways to make use of your garage that don’t involve your vehicle.

1. Work Up a Sweat

Philly is a sports-obsessed city, and whether your team is the Flyers, the Sixers, or you just love the PGA tour, sometimes the sports itch needs to be scratched… at home. We are here to help inspire you to turn your garage into an activity zone! Have you ever just wanted to shoot some hoops before eating dinner to work up an appetite? If you have high ceilings, install a basketball hoop and get shooting! Most garages have plenty of square footage for a regulation free-throw line, and those of the bigger size can even handle a three-pointer. Are your kids obsessed with the Flyers? Don’t let Gritty down and throw down a net for some immediate floor hockey action. Our smooth custom flooring will allow an indoor puck or hockey ball the slipperiness it needs while giving to support to moving feet.

You can also customize the garage to show off your fandom, no matter which team is your favorite! Of course, a full golf simulator is the best way to practice your swing 24/7. Your friends will wonder how your game got so good, and you can save tons of money on greens fees by installing a net and range mat! If you are looking to get swole, our burly interlocking floor tiles are water-resistant and non-slip-rated. They can withstand a dropped weight and will keep you supported in your quest for a personal record squat.

2. Create an Entertainment Mecca

The garage is simply begging to host your next social gathering or movie night. Even a one-car garage has enough room for a bar-standard-size shuffleboard table and dart board, with our custom flooring providing the best surface for easy sand or spilled beer cleanup. Bring the pub home and stop wasting your money on overpriced beers with a custom bar installation via our cabinet and shelf storage! For more family-oriented fun, a garage is just a few pieces of furniture away from being a comfortable and cozy movie theater. Stream your favorite show on a video projected onto the wall, and enjoy beautiful lighting that shines and enhances your experience when paired with a custom and snazzy reflective Philadelphia Garage floor.

3. Transform Your Home Office

Yes, we are all tired of hearing about COVID-19, but its effect on the new work order cannot be understated. Even with offices open again, people are working from home more than ever. Maybe you need to take care of a sick child home from school, or maybe you are feeling under the weather yourself and simply want to keep your coworkers safe, but a new garage-turned-office might be the best change you make. New homes are almost always built with work-from-home in mind, so help build value by installing a beautiful custom desk/cabinet area perfect for storing all your work technology and office files. Be gone with a hastily assembled dining table video conference background and find peace and quiet away from the rest of the family area by turning your garage into the workspace of your dreams. It is not a fad, it’s just a part of being a modern business professional.

4. Express Creativity in an Art or Music Studio

Every artist knows how important it is to have a dedicated space to practice their craft. Our custom commercial-grade flooring options are perfect to protect and keep clean from caustic acid-based paints and oils. If you enjoy molding clay, you will need not only space but proper materials that can withstand the mess. Let us build out your art studio! If music is more your flare, it is time to up the ante on a normal garage band practice area. Custom grid wall storage is perfect for coiling instrument cables when they are not in use, and our decorative chip coating not only looks amazing but will keep a drum kit sturdy and stable. Get your groove on in style!

At Philadelphia Garage, we pride ourselves on not being in the car business, but being in the garage business. No matter what you envision for your garage space, we want to help you find not only the most cost-effective solution, but the most beautiful solution for any and all activities. No matter what you dream up, we have probably built before, so do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation!

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