Are you enjoying the nice summer weather? If so, you and your kids have probably been spending a lot of time outside. Whether you prefer to throw Frisbees in the backyard or go mountain biking, your outdoor gear is probably taking up more space in the garage than it should. To help you reclaim the space, use these four helpful garage organization ideas.

Hang Wall Hooks

In a room where floor space is paramount to be able to park your car, you need to maximize vertical space. The first tip for doing this is to attach a skateboard to one or more unused walls in the garage. Then you have the freedom to attach hooks and baskets of various sizes along the wall as you need them. Hang long-handled gardening tools from small hooks and bikes and ladders from heavy-duty hooks. Place soccer balls and footballs in large baskets with baseballs and tennis balls in smaller baskets. Rearrange these storage solutions whenever you need to without the need to drill holes in the wall.

Maximize Space with Overhead Storage

Sometimes, not everything can fit in prime areas near the ground. If you discover this is the case, overhead storage is the ultimate way to go vertical. Put lesser-used items in large totes and label them clearly. Then gather bulky items (suitcases, pet travel kennels, spare tires, and driveway deicers) and put everything on ceiling-mounted shelves to free up space on lower shelves.

Install Shoe Racks

If it’s important to you for family members and guests to take their shoes off before coming inside, give people a place to store their footwear. Racks or cubbies lining the wall beside the entrance to the garage keep dirt and chemicals from being tracked inside and muddying up your carpet. It’s also a great solution for preventing unsightly piles of shoes from forming in the entryway.

Designate “Parking Spots” for Bikes and Scooters

A great thing about summer is that your kids can get around on their own using bikes, scooters, and rollerblades. Unfortunately, kids tend to forget that the garage isn’t just for housing their gear; it’s also for parking the car. If you have ever opened the garage door only to find that pulling in would cause you to run over your son’s bike, you know this all too well.

To prevent this aggravating situation, create specific places to store these items. Having designated wall hooks for bikes and scooters is a good approach. You can also instruct your kids to put their roller blades in the shoe rack. If worse comes to worst, you can even create “parking spots” with masking tape on the floor.

Do you like these garage organization ideas? Need help implementing them? Schedule a free on-site design consultation with Philadelphia Garage to get started!

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