Think back to when you first purchased your home. You were probably excited to see the extra room in your garage, where you could park your vehicle and tuck away anything that didn’t have a place on the main floors of the house. If you were ambitious, you might have envisioned your garage as a getaway spot to work on crafts or engage in small construction projects.

Over time, however, your garage may have become a bit of a mess. It might be a bit of a dumping ground for anything for which you don’t have a current use but aren’t yet ready to throw away. You may have a circular saw and some lumber but have banished it to the backyard for when the time comes to build. This disarray makes it challenging to get something out of the garage when you do need it.

That is why clever garage storage just makes sense. You can make your garage the place you want to be by following a few easy tips. By seeing the garage from all of its angles — the ceiling, walls, and floor — you can reclaim some of that precious square footage. Even if you won’t make the garage your new hangout spot, at the very least you’ll no longer be faced with daunting clutter when you enter the room.

  1. Add Organization Accessories
  2. Garage organization is easier with accessories that give structure and utility to the room. It’s tough to look at a wide-open space and not just dump everything on the floor. Organization accessories are a practical solution to let you make better use of wall, ceiling, and floor spaces. They not only act as organizational tools but also provide design elements that make the garage nice to look at.

    Place your metal tools on magnetic tool bars mounted on your wall. They are out of the way and off the floor but still easy to grab when you need them. Wall organizers can keep bikes and seasonal items out of the way. Hangers and overhead storage systems provide a spot for tires, paints, and other items that need a home. If you can better use all the surfaces in the garage, you know what you have and will find it easier to toss out anything that you no longer need.

  3. Clear Out Summer Items
  4. You probably don’t want to rearrange your garage at the start of every season. With the right accessories, however, it’s a minimal amount of work to pack away the things you won’t need for another six months. When the cold weather starts to hit, or those flowers are no longer blooming, it’s a sign you should say goodbye to summer fun. Grab some plastic storage boxes with lids and some labels and hide away your gardening supplies and pool toys.

    Your garage floor may become wet in the winter, which can lead to mold, rot, and other decay. To protect your stuff, pack your summer items in plastic and place the boxes on a raised shelf, either suspended from the ceiling or mounted along the wall. That way, you won’t be in for an unpleasant surprise come next spring.

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  5. Use Overhead Garage Storage
  6. Big items in your garage can become default furniture if you are not careful. You might only use that large heater during the winter, but in the summer, it takes up a huge spot on the floor of your garage. Put large or bulky items overhead to give you space down below, so you don’t trip, feel crowded or struggle to find something you need.

    Overhead storage can keep things out of the way. Exposed metal shelving is securely attached to the ceiling joists; making it a safe location for seasonal items you aren’t using but will need next year. As a bonus, you can scan your garage and know at a glance where everything is — no digging around in piles of junk.

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  7. Add Custom Garage Cabinets
  8. Your garage is also another place to store old clothing, like heavy winter coats and boots. Garage cabinets make this space practical and usable, so the outerwear is easily accessible during the cold months and out of the way during hot weather — with no need to move it around.

    Cabinets can turn one wall of your garage into attractive, permanent shelving that is hidden from view by doors. You can place hobby accessories, like craft supplies, hiking gear, or tools inside the cabinets while keeping the space clean and organized. Custom cabinets can include exposed nooks for a table to do work, sinks, or drawers.

    Your home is your personal space to enjoy. The garage can become a room where you store important things or even engage in hobbies, not necessarily an area where you throw junk to be forgotten about. With a few practical additions, you can make the most of the square footage in your garage.

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