When coating your garage floor, being practical is a smart decision, but depending on how you use this space, aesthetics may play a major role. Gone are the days when an unattractive, simple concrete floor fit the bill. Today’s floors are industrial grade with several options that meet your style and design needs. If your garage is used for more than just parking cars, or you desire a sleek and finished look in the garage, a warehouse, or a large unfinished space, why not try something different this year that meets your criteria? Here are a few suggestions:

Granite Gray

A granite floor design speaks volumes. Granite gray will quickly upgrade the look and feel of your garage or space while providing a solution that is highly resistant to stains. Durable enough to stand up to heavy use, you’ll have the look and longevity of high-end granite as your flooring for a memorable interior design experience.

Epoxy Concrete

If solid colors or textures are more along the lines of your style preference, using an epoxy concrete flooring option is a good choice. A quick solution to providing a cohesive and classy look for your design scheme, you’ll have a high gloss shine that is durable and available in a variety of different colors. Epoxy concrete is used in restaurants, warehouses, stores, showrooms, and other high-traffic venues where presentation matters. Epoxy concrete is very easy to clean and can resist harsh chemicals.

Garage Floor Tiles

If you’re seeking flexibility and customized design, the Trax garage tile system may meet your needs. With limitless options and the ability to be used in- or outdoors, you can build a floor design to your liking. These interlocking tiles offer several solutions in rubber, vinyl composite tile, porcelain tile, and even peel-and-stick vinyl. Garage floor tiles are easy to clean using a wet/dry vacuum, hose, or dust mop and are durable against high-traffic and inclement weather conditions. These tiles are non-slip even when wet and have been viewed as one of the strongest tile systems with high-performing results.

Having a garage and space you can be proud of is well worth the time and effort involved to upgrade your flooring. Whether your garage is used for working on cars or for some other purpose, these floors have a built-in resistance to impact, chemicals, stains, and heavy oils. The investment in either selection will give you years of use and durability while meeting your specific price and budget point. Careful evaluation of each selection is key in determining what would work best with your design scheme, but each option is a reliable solution for upgrading your floors to a professional and high-end finish. Request a free on-site design consultation today to determine which floor coating is right for your garage.

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