When was the last time you enjoyed spending time in the garage? If you’re like most homeowners, you avoid this room at all costs because the piles of junk there give you a headache just looking at them. But what if you could take your garage back and perhaps even turn it into your favorite hangout place? Is sound impossible? See what your garage can become with these three smart garage organization ideas.

Custom Garage Cabinets and Shelving

These are the most practical, fundamental ways to store a variety of belongings in the garage. Cabinets are durable and provide a place to stow things away that shouldn’t be left out in the open. Being behind closed doors protects these items from the elements better and keeps curious kids and animals from poking their noses in potentially dangerous chemicals, paints, or pesticides.

Shelving provides open-air storage, which is great if you need to grab and go. Adjustable shelves let you store whatever you need while maximizing the space available to you. 1-inch-thick shelves also ensure no warping or sagging, even under a heavy load.

Garage Overhead Storage

Many people think of custom garage cabinets and shelves as the only options for tidying up the garage, but don’t underestimate the ability of overhead storage to elevate your organization’s efforts. It may be more difficult to access items stored overhead, but this makes it ideal for seasonal items you only use once a year, freeing up space closer to the ground for items you use more regularly.

Garage overhead storage comes in various sizes, strengths, and capabilities. Some simply mount to the ceiling and require a ladder to reach the items there. Others incorporate manual or electric pulleys to raise and lower the shelves as needed. Whatever you choose, you can expect overhead shelves to protect your belongings from pests, prevent flood damage and maximize storage space.

Climate Control

Temperature and humidity control allows you to store more sensitive items in the garage. This is useful if you have limited storage space within your home. A climate-controlled garage also adds value to your home by increasing its square footage. Converting the cold, hard garage into a livable space increases the chance you’ll want to spend time there.

Stand-alone heaters and in-wall air conditioners are great options for making the garage comfortable year-round. You can also extend the ductwork from your furnace and central air conditioner to the garage so you can control the settings from a thermostat. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to insulate the garage door and walls to keep conditioned air inside for energy efficiency purposes.

If these garage organization ideas excite you, contact Philadelphia Garage today to schedule a free on-site design consultation. We are Pittsburgh’s leader in garage storage and flooring solutions.

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