Epoxy flooring is the best way to enhance the overall appearance of a building’s interior. It can be costly; however, knowing the advantages, the available options, and the installation process can help.

Nothing beats epoxy coating when it comes to the stability and durability of your residential, industrial or commercial flooring. It helps seal, protect and strengthen concrete surfaces and floorboards, extending the life of your flooring by many years.

It is truly a long-term investment, ensuring the longevity of your floors and keeping them looking clean and new for a very long time.

Let’s explore these advantages of epoxy floor coating in further detail.

It’s Highly Durable

Epoxy flooring is known for its durability — it can go for years without noticeable damage.

The secret to this longevity is the fact that it goes on in layers. The application starts with a primer that cures into a hard surface and adheres to the concrete underneath. Next, we layer up the basecoat, a decorative media layer and then seal it all up with a clear topcoat. This process makes your flooring resistant to water, stains, oil, dirt, gasoline, and other things that typically damage a concrete floor.

Spaces that are more prone to slips, like labs, commercial bathrooms, garages, and commercial kitchens, are ideal for epoxy flooring. The wet conditions within these spaces do not harm the flooring, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of recoating them every few years.

It May Increase Your Home’s Value

Epoxy flooring is an excellent way to upgrade the look of the more “forgotten” spaces in your house, like your garage or basement. Epoxy reflects light to create the illusion of a bigger, spacious room. If you work in smaller spaces with weaker light sources, epoxy flooring is an excellent way to bring life and some luster to your room.

Talk to your flooring experts about the decorative flooring options available. Typically, these include decorative flakes, quartz, silica, aluminum oxide, metallic pigments and glitter in various colors and sizes. We can even create intricate abstract patterns, like custom color blocking or a marbled texture.

With epoxy coatings, you can be sure that your floors always look immaculate.

It is Much Easier to Maintain than Other Flooring Types

In addition to being smooth and flawless in texture, epoxy floors can withstand temperature fluctuations. Conversely, typical concrete flooring is highly prone to cracking and splitting.

Your new epoxy flooring is much easier to keep clean than a standard uncoated floor – all you need is water and a squeegee. Furthermore, only non-toxic components are used in laying and decorating epoxy floors and they don’t give off harmful vapors, so your family can stay on-site during epoxy application.

Epoxy flooring is waterproof, doesn’t collect dust and won’t scratch. It looks good and lasts for years, making it perfect for garages. Moreover, it is mold and mildew resistant, so there’s little to no maintenance and deep cleaning hassle.

If you want to replace old floors, it’s best to work with specialists who can help you choose the perfect epoxy floor coatings. Philadelphia Garage has experienced garage flooring experts on board who are trained to handle the installation process efficiently. For over 20 years, we have offered top-notch flooring, cabinetry, and storage solutions for garages, commercial spaces and basements.

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