Fall officially gives you notice that it is time to hunker down for winter and get your house and yard in order accordingly. Do you have the garage space to do this? After you use our game plan for custom garage organization, you will! Use these four tips to transform your garage for the demands of the season.

  1. Use lists to make the transition easy
  2. Switching from summer to winter does not need to be painful if you use lists to get organized. Start by making two lists, one for what is coming out of the garage and must be put in storage and one for what is coming out of storage and needs to find space in the garage.

    In an ideal world, you will be pulling as much out of the garage as you will be placing into it so this will be fairly easy. You might put your snow blower where your lawnmower sat or swap out skis for bicycles. In some cases, the load will be less balanced. Then you will need to get creative with garage storage solutions.

  3. Shift summer gear out of the way
  4. Using the list you created, pull all your summer gear out of the garage. We recommend lockable plastic storage tubs for securely sealing away summer clothing, toys, and small items. If you have the space, custom cabinets also work well for out-of-season storage.

  5. Consider fall/winter organization
  6. With your fall/winter items out of storage, you might be tempted to start sticking items in the garage. However, if you spend a little time thinking it through first, you will be happier with the result.

    Consider what you will need to use first — for example, rakes and a leaf blower. Stick these items on a slat wall or place them on hooks and open shelves so you can reach in and grab them. Put items you will use later (like snow blowers or winter sleds) in the back so they don’t block access to what you need.

  7. Do an organizing run-through
  8. Now, go back to your list and review the decisions you just made. Your list can help you make sure you have accounted for everything. At this point, you may want to head to the hardware store to invest in garage storage solutions including storage tubs, overhead shelving, or slatwall hooks. A few wall accessories for storage and organization can make all the difference to your garage’s appearance this fall and winter.

    This may seem like a lot of work; however, it can save you time and money in the long run. If you have ever purchased extra road salt or another ice scraper because you could not find the equipment you already owned, then you will benefit from our custom garage organization tips. Contact us for a free on-site design consultation today!

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