Are you looking for ways to increase the functionality and value of your home? Storage systems go a long way toward making your home look better and work more effectively. The single most important room to have adequate storage is the garage. After all, there’s no better place to store sporting equipment, gardening supplies, camping gear, spare car parts, and other important belongings – but you need shelves, cabinets, and Slatwall to hold them. Here are the top reasons why these types of garage organization systems make good investments.

Garage Organization Systems Decrease Clutter

When you have a system for storing every item in your garage, the cluttered feeling goes away. This makes finding what you’re looking for much easier. If you’ve ever wasted time looking for something, then given up and replaced it – only to run across it a few weeks later – you understand how garage organization can save both time and money.

Garage Organization Systems Free Up Floor Space

With items up off the floor, you finally have room to park your car in the garage, which is important to protect what is likely your second-largest investment aside from your home. More floor space even presents the opportunity to use the garage for other productive activities, such as woodworking, painting, pottery, or gardening. In this way, a more organized garage lets you make the most of every square foot.

Garage Organization Systems Maximize Storage Space

You probably store a mixture of items in your garage, accessing some every week while going months between using others. Installing the right garage storage options – including tall shelves and overhead storage racks – allows you to make the most of the available storage real estate. Relocate lesser-used items to high-up shelves to make more space near the floor for the belongings you use the most.

Garage Organization Systems Increase Your Home’s Value

The dollar amount your home’s value increases depends on the amount and quality of the garage organization systems you choose. In the end, the ability to present a neat, well-organized garage attracts potential homebuyers much more than a cluttered one.

Garage Organization Systems Deliver Peace of Mind

The average disorganized garage is a safety hazard. If children or pets wander out there alone, they could get into sharp tools or potentially toxic chemicals. When you know right where everything is stored – from the pesticides and antifreeze on the top shelf of your garage cabinets to the spare saw blades hanging high on the Slatwall – you can rest assured that no one’s in danger when they step foot in the garage.

When you’re ready to begin your garage remodeling project and enjoy all of the benefits of a more organized garage, please schedule a free on-site design consultation from Philadelphia Garage.

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