If you’re a vintage car owner, there’s no doubt that you take extreme pride in your vehicle. Vintage cars require diligent maintenance and upkeep to ensure they remain in excellent condition. But how are you storing your vintage car? Whether you drive it regularly or keep it tucked away as more of a collector’s item, your beautiful roadster should be parked in a garage that’s equally matched. Read on for our top garage features every vintage car owner should have.

First off: is your garage clean? Kudos to you if it is, but most of us don’t spend more time in our garages than we need to. If you’re spending time in the garage tinkering on your vintage vehicle, the first step we recommend to everyone is to clear out the clutter, dust, and dirt. This means tossing out old cans of paint you will probably never use, outdated sports equipment that you’re holding onto, dried-up bags of soil… you get the point. If you install cabinetry or storage systems with us, we bring a portable storage unit to your house to jumpstart the decluttering.

Store Hefty Auto Tools in Cabinets Built to Fit

Once your garage becomes a blank canvas, tackle storage of the larger items first. Cabinets designed specifically for your space can store all the larger tools, cleaning supplies, and extra parts you need for your car—without wasting an inch. We have a variety of materials and finishes for you to choose from to make sure these cabinets fit your design taste. When choosing custom garage cabinetry, one piece of criteria to look for is the quality of the panels. Cheap panels will warp and de-laminate over time; ours are made with ¾” thick vertical panels that are built for strength and durability. We install them off the ground to protect both the cabinets and your belongings inside from pests and damage from the elements.

Organize Smaller Items with Hooks and Racks

Here’s a scenario: you’re getting ready to change a headlight, and you’re looking for your socket wrench. You open the tool drawer and are faced with a tangled mess of nails and knick-knacks. Sound familiar? Organization accessories are the answer and will make your life a lot easier. Try slotted wall organizers, which can be installed just about anywhere, and slide in your perfect combination of baskets and hooks. Mix and match as you like! We like hooks for small tools so they don’t get tangled up in each other, while mini hanging bins are perfect for loose items like sponges, bolts, and the like. Larger hooks are great for hanging a long hose in a coil for when you aren’t cleaning your vintage car.

For More Storage Space, Just Look Up

While clutter tends to build up on the floor and walls of many garages, the ceiling typically remains untouched. What a waste of perfectly good space! Besides offering ample room for storage, overhead space keeps items protected and out of the way—perfect for things you only need to access a handful of times per year. Our overhead storage racks were designed with exactly this in mind. You can stow away spare tires, car covers, and other seasonal items like holiday decorations and skis, making room for your treasured vehicle below.

Take Pride in the Floor You Park On

As you probably know well, the maintenance required to keep a vintage car in good condition is not for the faint of heart. In those times when you need to tinker around underneath the vehicle, you get up close and personal with your garage floor. Just think how nice it would be to have a new, smooth, beautiful floor that not only looks good right now but lasts for years and years to come. Our garage floor coatings are incredibly easy to clean and feature a non-slip surface that withstands extreme pressure, temperature swings, and impacts. Choose from decorative chip coatings, solid colors, and metallics, or opt for an interlocking tile and create a pattern or color block design of your liking. Rest easy knowing that all of our floorings are resistant to stains and UV fading, so years down the road when your vintage car is still sparkling, your floor will be too.

Sit Back and Enjoy Your Vintage Gem

It’s the truth: a classic car just looks better in a clean, organized garage. (We think you will feel better spending time in a clean, organized garage too!) As garage experts in Philadelphia, we’re here to help you find storage, organization, and flooring options that are ideal for you and your needs. We enjoy working with individuals who take pride in their cars, and we are ready to provide you with a design consultation, free of charge, to get you started. Simply schedule a free estimate with us, and we will work with you to build the perfect space to store your vintage car.

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