Winter is finally lifting, so you may find yourself looking forward to some gardening and other yard work. Preparing your garden can be such a cathartic experience, as it feels like the whole world is fresh and new. It is all fun and games until you try to find your gardening tools and realize they are lost in the mess that is in your garage. With these spring garage organization tips, your tools will be easy to locate and put away when you are done.

Gather Your Tools

Spring is an excellent time to revisit your tools. First off, where are they? Did they make it back to a dark corner of the garage, or did you leave them outside all winter by mistake? Either way, you can come clean in the warmer weather. Locate your tools and sort them by the tools that are in good shape and those that could be replaced. As with all of your possessions, if you have a tool that you do not like, get rid of it. With a solid inventory of your tools, you can make a plan to store them appropriately.

Install a Wall Storage System

Leaving your tools and other gardening materials in piles or boxes in your garage creates two problems for you. First, you cannot find what you need when you need it. Second, your tools can become damaged when they are not stored separately from each other, away from water, and other hazards. Instead, you should put them in garage wall storage, which has the added benefit of maximizing the space in your garage. Put in a pegboard with hooks for your bigger tools. Add baskets and small hangers for the smaller items that tend to get lost.

Create Custom Garage Cabinets

Of course, you use many more things for gardening and yardwork than just hand tools. Custom garage cabinets are perfect for items that are large or small. For example, big cabinets ensure excellent garage organization for tools like weed eaters, rakes, shovels, and more. Install pull-out drawers for small items like bulbs that you are saving for summer or fall, so they do not disappear into another part of your house. Garage cabinets are designed with your use in mind, so you get exactly what you want in an attractive package that is meant to last.

The world is starting to come into bloom, and you want your yard to go with that flow. With some garage organization for your garden tools, equipment, and materials, your garden will look better than ever and you will enjoy being able to find everything easily. To learn more about garage organization for your home, schedule a free on-site design consultation.

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