We tend to take garage floors quite seriously. We’ve also been complimented quite a few times about how great the floors look after a professional garage floor coating.

You may have seen some pretty spectacular garage floors from auto dealerships to repair shops. and quite possibly in your neighbor’s and friend’s garages. They can be a real head-turner and something you won’t forget anytime soon.

We’re here to tell you they make perfect sense for your garage. Here’s why.

  1. The Look is Simply Stunning
  2. Coupled with your own experience, hopefully, you’ve looked over our garage flooring gallery. These floors are smooth and sparkling clean. The choices range from metallic to solid color coatings. Choose the best color and style for your garage. While you’re gazing at those photos, notice the incredible storage cabinets and walls — the cars are pretty cool, too.

  3. Durable, Long-Lasting, and Rock Solid
  4. Professionally coated garage floors start out looking awesome and they stay that way. The installation process makes all the difference. We use a diamond-tooled grinder to remove the top surface, then, we add the base coating that soaks right into the open pores of the newly exposed concrete surface. Try removing that coating — it isn’t happening.

    Professionally applied garage floor coatings, with normal wear and tear, are expected to last 15 years. That means your initial investment of $2,500 to $3,500 for a two-car garage pays off year after year. Not only that but it is also backed up by our five-year warranty.

  5. Provides Garage Floor Protection
  6. The protection starts with our thorough down-to-the-base concrete preparation followed by the meticulous application of the resin coating. The coating itself provides resistance to chemicals, stains, and even impact from tools and toys.

    Our preparation also includes using a polymer to fill any pits and even cracks in the concrete. This incredibly smooth surface serves as yet another layer of protection for your garage floor.

  7. Value Add for Your Home
  8. Not everything you do for your home adds value. Some costs are simply maintenance and, as such, preserve the current value. A professional garage floor coating ramps up the level of your garage adds market appeal when you’re selling your home and shows how you care for your home at every level.

  9. Helps Prevent Slips and Falls
  10. Falls and slips can be particularly hazardous in the home, resulting in over one million visits to the ER annually. So it’s a good idea to take advantage of every opportunity to make your home safer. Professional garage floor coatings can go a long way toward preventing those falls.

    They fill cracks that form a major fall hazard, and they provide a smooth solid textured surface that helps prevent slips even with a bit of moisture on the floor. Keeping them clean and storing all your belongings on racks and in cabinets are also important parts of maintaining a safe garage.

  11. Easy Garage Floor Maintenance
  12. Once that professionally applied epoxy is locked onto your garage floor, with its natural resistance to chemicals and stains, it’s easy to keep clean. Dirt, grease, grime, and road debris from under your car all come off with a garden hose or mop.

    It’s best to develop a regular maintenance routine that includes sweeping the floor, using a mop and soapy water to remove stains, and cleaning up minor spills with paper towels. For the challenges of oil or grease, use a mop with hot water and five ounces of ammonia.

    As you can tell there are a lot of benefits from an epoxy garage floor coating. Did we mention professional garage floor coatings look awesome? Yes, it looks like we may have covered that topic along with five other benefits: durability, protection, added value, safety, and easy maintenance.

    It’s time to investigate all the flooring options for your garage. The first step is to contact Philadelphia Garage for a free on-site consultation.

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