Philadelphia Garage is proud to announce that we have just been selected for 2015 Best of Export Award in the Flooring Contractor category by the Export Award Program. This honor reflects the quality of our custom garage flooring options.
Each year, the Export Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. The Program makes a special effort to select local companies that illustrate the positive impact that small businesses can have on their communities.

By providing exceptional service to customers and the community as a garage coating company, Philadelphia Garage enhances the lives of so many. The Export Award Program chose to honor our custom garage flooring company because they felt that we were an exceptional company that helped to make the Export area a great place to live, work and play.

To select the winners in each category, the Award committee members consulted various sources of information, including data sourced from third parties. Rather than focus on the quantity of business that a particular company does, the Export Award Program honors the quality of the business or service provider. After reviewing the information gathered internally and sourced from other parties, the committee was able to determine who to honor in 2015. We at Philadelphia Garage are proud to be among the honorees this year.

About the Export Award Program

The Export Award Program is an annual awards program that aims to honor the achievements and accomplishments of small businesses in the Export area. The Program specifically aims to honor companies that have implemented programs to maintain a competitive advantage and generate long-term value. The Program truly aims to honor the best of local businesses in the community, in diverse categories. By working exclusively with local business owners, professional associations and trade groups, and other local business and marketing groups, the Export Award Program is truly able to honor the best of the area’s small businesses and their contributions to the greater U.S. economy.

About Philadelphia Garage

Philadelphia Garage is a leading garage storage cabinet and garage coating company providing services throughout Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. By helping our clients to organize their homes, we can help them free up physical space and gain peace of mind knowing that things are easily organized and accessible when they need them. Learn more about our garage organization services on our website or read testimonials from satisfied clients who have chosen us for garage cabinet installation or garage flooring installation.

We will provide a free no obligations quote for any of your needs so that you can budget and plan for your home and garage organization with help from Philadelphia Garage. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and receive a free quote.

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