We’ve seen statistics that say 82% of homes in the U.S. have two-car garages or larger, but only 15% park their car inside. That probably means that more than likely your cars are outside, and your stuff is stacked up in the garage.

It’s Time to Move Your Car into the Garage

Of course, before you open the garage to actual vehicle parking, you’ll need to move everything up off the floor and into some type of storage system. The good news is that we have the wall racks, hangers, shelving, overhead storage, and cabinets to make that happen.

Here are some nifty storage ideas designed to get you thinking about the next steps needed to get your cars into the garage before the snow flies.

Tools and Toys

At first glance, tools and toys are probably most of what you’re seeing in your garage today. The trouble is finding them when you need them. The answer? Organize!

For tools, wall storage racks are perfect for handling the full range of short- and long-handled tools. Those include grid wall steel racks or Slatwall racks—whichever one fits your garage best. To hang the tools you need, we recommend mounting purpose-built tool holders along with various single, double, and S-shaped hooks. There are also quite a few special options for power tools that also hold their extension cords or battery chargers. Don’t forget extension ladders with either wall mount racks or overhead racks.

For toys, your best options will be storage bins, baskets, or special holders for all the various balls that are rolling around loose at the moment. You can also find more specific storage options for golf bags, hockey gear, tennis racquets, lacrosse sticks, and fishing rods and lures. Wall mounts or overhead bike racks are also very useful, including helmet storage.

Cleaning and Garden Supplies

Right now, we’ll bet that these supplies are scattered around the garage in boxes, on top of cabinets, and laying on the floor. Finding them can be so challenging that it’s almost easier to go buy new stuff. A better way is to use shelving and fold-out bins along with a lockable cabinet for chemicals and pesticides. Don’t forget the paper towel holder in the mix. It’s also worth considering adding a small work bench for potting and working with plants.

Lawncare Equipment

A weed trimmer, edger, and even mowers can be stored using wall racks. They need to be convenient to move out of the garage and off to work. In the winter, you may have a snowblower or shovel that needs to be handy. The garage is also a convenient place to store lawn furniture when it’s too cold to put them to use. Chair racks or overhead storage space are perfect for this use.

Car Stuff

If you have a car guy or gal at your place, you’ll need storage for socket wrench sets and other tools. Pull-out drawers are excellent for this type of storage. Small items like motor oil, brake fluid, degreaser fluid, polish, and more can be stored in cabinets or bins, and shelves. Large items like winter tires can be stored on overhead shelving. This is another area where a workbench could come in very handy.

Holiday Decorations

Those items stacked up in your garage that are only used once a year, like holiday decorations, can be easily stored up and out of the way in overhead shelving and bins. If you like to see those Christmas or Halloween decorations year-round, you can use transparent bins. If you would rather keep them out of sight, try opaque storage bins—but make sure you label them so you can still find the items when the holidays roll around.

We Can Make It Happen for Your Garage

Yes, there is hope that you’ll be able to park your car in the garage once again. Give us a call for a free on-site consultation. That visit is followed by developing a full storage plan using 3D computer-aided design software. It shows exactly how your garage storage system will look and help you find ways to make the system fit your needs perfectly.

Contact Philadelphia Garage for a free on-site consultation and take the first step toward a dream garage.

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