You might be planning a major garage reorganization project before the spring season gets away from you. It is a great idea to take advantage of better weather to make your garage all that you dreamed of and more. With the right plan for organization, storage, and design, you can imagine your project coming to a wonderful completion. These tips help to guide you in creating a garage organization that will suit you and your home.

Get Things Off the Ground

In your garage, as with the rest of your home, the floor represents the prime real estate. Every ounce of space you take up on the floor is space you lose for another activity. This can be easily solved by getting most things off the ground. You will be surprised how much you can store in shelving and custom garage cabinets. Wall storage is not just for small items, either. Hooks and other custom storage options make it a snap to put away rakes, ladders, skis, bikes, and other bulky sports equipment. Once you have a clear floor, you no longer have to worry about tripping over clutter.

Consider Closed Shelving

The problem with some open garage storage solutions is that they just do not look as organized. If you are the kind of person who likes the garage to look not just orderly, but neat, you should consider adding custom closed shelving to your garage. Closed shelving keeps everything nicely in place. With labels for easy navigation, you will know exactly where everything is. The closed shelving gives the entire garage a seamless appearance, which looks pleasant when viewed by your neighbors from the street.

Color and Style Options

Speaking of the appearance of your garage, you should remember to look through all the options you have for colors and styles. With a custom design, you are not bound to one color or size. Instead, you have a wide variety of stains and styles for garage cabinets, shelving, and hardware. You can select colors that match your interior décor so that your home feels perfectly put together. If you are looking for something completely different for the garage, you could choose the colors that will match the activities you plan to do in your new space. With dozens of stains to choose from, you will get the fully customizable style that is right for you.

Garage organization can be a daunting task. With this guide, you know what you need to do to keep your garage floor clear. You can also make your garage look professional with closed shelving, in colors and styles that fit your home and lifestyle. For more information about your garage organization options and a free quote, contact Philadelphia Garage today.

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