Businesses need a top-notch interior to make a good impression on their customers and clients. Moreover, commercial spaces need clean, safe, and durable floor coatings for seamless operations. Floors that are outdated and haven’t received much maintenance are likely to face color fade and get damaged with time.

It is better to install high-quality commercial coatings and have the floor look as good as new. However, floor coating needs some expertise and techniques for its application.

You can use the following techniques to get a premium floor coating for your commercial space:

1. Carefully schedule the coating day

You should carefully select a day for your commercial space, so it does not disturb your operations. It is considerably different from residential floor coatings in that you will have limited access to your workplace. We recommend scheduling the coating on weekends or making prior arrangements for remote work. This way, your work will carry on, and don’t have to rush the flooring process.

2. Select the correct coating material for your business’s use

There are various options available for commercial floor coating. However, it depends on your desired visual preferences, flooring needs, and budget. You can select from tile flooring, concrete flooring, and epoxy coating options for commercial spaces. Compared to others, epoxy is a convenient and practical option for commercial flooring. It offers excellent durability and designs your business needs.

3. Make sure to clean the floor

No matter what coating type you choose, it would be best to clean the floor first. Any coatings will not bond to a dirty floor. You will need a sparkling clean floor, and you can also do it yourself by scrubbing it with your hand or giving it a power wash.

4. Conduct necessary repairs

Floor repairing and cleaning are two different things, yet both are crucial to getting high-quality results and a smooth finish. Try to find pits, cracks, contraction joints, and other damages to repair. Moreover, avoid latex repairs because the floors do not respond well to them and can adversely affect the floor quality.

5. Create a suitable environment

Humidity and overall temperature play a vital role in commercial garage flooring. You cannot have a smooth coating under high levels. Epoxy floor coatings require a temperature around 50– 86◦F or 10– 30◦C. For concrete, you will need 40– 60◦F. Under these temperatures and conditions, you can get the best utility and quality from floor coatings.

6. Evenly apply the coating

Applying floor coating is a complicated task. A single mistake can waste all your time and investment. You have a limited time to apply and level it once you have poured it. It has to be done quickly. The best approach is to contact professionals like Philadelphia Garage to get commercial floor coating from experts and get the best value from your investment.

7. Wait for the coating to dry

Be patient with the coating and let it take time to dry. Otherwise, your efforts and investment will be in vain. Give the flooring a minimum of 24 hours to cure and dry before setting foot or putting up heavy machinery or vehicles.

Let Experts Help You With Your Commercial Floor Coatings

Philadelphia Garage can help your business to get a new look and have durable floors. A new floor will enhance safety and ensure seamless business operations. Moreover, professionally applied floor coatings have a smooth and attractive finish. Request a free quote online, or give us a call at .

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