Summer is here! It’s time for … a garage revamp? That’s right. Summer could be the best time of all to clean out your garage and give it a well-deserved revamp. After all, the garage protects your car, your tool collection, and your overstock of holiday decorations. It might even house your beer fridge! A garage is indeed a versatile structure, and it deserves a clean and clutter-free interior. Here are some ways to achieve the ultimate garage overhaul this summer.

Become an Organizing Superstar

The organization is at the heart of a successful revamp, and you’ll need to be organized right from the beginning. Our handy 5-Step Garage Organization Checklist will help you find success no matter how clean-phobic you might be.

You’ll need space for this first step, and lots of it, so plan your cleanup for sunny weather where you have all day free. Then you can celebrate with a BBQ feast at the end!

Lay everything out on the driveway, essentially anywhere there is ample space. If it’s in a box, unpack it. If it’s wrapped in plastic, remove it. Take inventory of everything you have in your garage and record it on paper. On the right side of the paper, create a chart with three columns: keep, dispose, and donate. Go through the list and make your decision about each one; then, place each item in one of the three designated piles.

Make a run to the landfill or recycling center and make another trip to the thrift store. What you’ll have remaining are only the items you want to keep. Place them carefully in one section of the garage for now. Congratulations! You’re well on your way.

Modernize Your Garage with Epoxy Floor Coating

Your next step is to give the garage interior a facelift. If Day 2 of the weekend is also sunny, great! If not, postpone until Mr. Sun decides to pop out from behind those pesky rain clouds. Updating your garage floor coating is a worthwhile task, and the warm summer temperatures ensure a dry, even finish without the worry of a tacky surface. Oil spills will be a breeze to clean up, and the floors will look their best for years to come.

Set all garage items aside in a small shed to give yourself the freedom of movement and get ready to clean. If your garage is especially dirty, you might want to wear a face mask to protect your lungs. Pay attention to all corners of the garage, including the floor, walls, corners, and ceiling, and sweep and vacuum all surfaces. You’ll also want to paint the walls to cover up any scratches or marks. Finally, give your garage flooring the finishing touch it craves: a brand-new epoxy floor coating.

Add Garage Organization Accessories

The walls are freshly painted, and the floor is shiny and new. Now it’s time to select your storage options. There are plenty of available garage accessories for the walls, including:

  • Basket hooks
  • Tool racks
  • Bike hooks
  • Storage bins
  • Shelf brackets
  • Hose hooks
  • Screwdriver hooks
  • And so much more!

You can also take advantage of sturdy garage cabinets, which are useful for heavy items or chemicals you prefer out of the way. You can also use them to store larger items, such as gardening equipment, seeds, and potting soil, off the floor and away from pests.

Once everything is in its place, you’ll wonder why you didn’t revamp the garage sooner. A great organizational system combined with shiny, professional epoxy flooring just might give you even more reason to spend hours tinkering in the shop.

Are you considering updating your garage for summer? Contact us today!

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