Are all floor coatings alike? Like most things, different products work better in different scenarios. As a business owner, you need to know what questions to ask before you go shopping for a new floor coating system. Consider three specific things you need to look at to get the best floor coating for your business.

  1. Get a Traffic Report
  2. How much traffic does this floor see? That is the first question you want to ask. Aisles that must withstand cartwheels and lots of people walking back and forth need something durable. This is where hiring a floor coating professional help. An expert understands how traffic affects the floor coating formula, and which products are durable enough to withstand vehicle traffic, shopping, and hand carts, as well as feet moving over it all day long. The more traffic on the floor, the more important picking the right coating becomes in maintaining it.

  3. Define Your Style Preference
  4. Different coatings provide different looks, too. If you want something pretty, yet functional, then a granite-style floor covering is your best option. You can find that luxurious look in our decorative chip coating products. Decorative chip products provide a multicolor format that mimics trendy stone tile patterns.

    Maybe high gloss for a clean, solid surface appeals to you more. The right choice would be a polyurea Poly aspartic coating system. Polyurea poly aspartic coating systems are relatively new in the industry, but a favorite among installers. With this choice, the floor cures fast remains stable in even lower temperatures, and, gives your floor a professional shine that stands out.

  5. Money Matters
  6. Of course, budget is part of any renovation. Going cheap on your floor coating is not necessarily a budget-friendly option. The question you need to ask do you want to save money now and have to repeat this process next year or would you rather pay for a durable and quality product that lasts?

    At Philadelphia Garage, we focus on high-quality products that we know will serve your business well. Sit down with a specialist and determine your budget before deciding on which floor coating product you want. An expert understands the nuisances of each different chemical formula and can help design a plan that works within your budget without sacrificing quality to get there.

    It matters what you put on your floor, so making the right choice is important. You want a floor coating that will enhance the space, not detract from it. Traffic, style, and budget are all key factors to consider when planning your next floor makeover. Let us help you find a floor coating product that meets all your business needs with a free on-site design consultation.

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