When it comes to cleaning out your garage this is typically the last place to see any improvements. Rather it becomes a catch-all for everything that is out of place in your interior space. Yet with some expert advice, you’ll be able to transform your garage into a welcoming entry ready for storage and utility. Instead of cringing each time you open your garage door, in hopes that the neighbors aren’t walking by, you’ll have a garage that you are proud to show off. Organize your garage with these easy steps.

Step 1: Pegboards for Easy Access

Take a pegboard that matches the dimensions of an available wall and mount it securely. Attach metal hooks to the holes in the pegboard so you can hang your small tools, such as garden implements, hammers, and hand pumps for sporting equipment. Everything that would typically get lost in piles and buried in boxes can be put on display for easy accessibility.

Step 2: Overhead Garage Storage

Some items are much too large to hang on pegboards, yet they need to be out of the way of traffic in your garage. These include kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards, garden tillers, and wheelbarrows. No one likes to stub a toe or scratch their legs on these items when they are left in the walkway. This is where overhead garage storage comes into play. Using overhead shelves you increase the amount of storage space you have by two to four times your normal amount. For most garages there is an insane amount of overhead space left unused, making for the perfect use of overhead garage storage.

Step 3: Custom Garage Shelving

Next up are the items that you can’t part with and that have no other home at the moment. Storage boxes of out-of-season clothing, old books, DVDs of family memories, and holiday decorations are top contenders in this category. Consider your family’s storage shelving needs, and then install custom garage shelving to meet those requirements. Install modular cabinets that can easily be constructed to your space and storage specifications.

Step 4: Heavy-duty Wall Racks

Then you have those items that can easily be knocked over or run over with your car. These include bicycles and garden rakes. No one wants to be the person to ruin a day at the park or in the garden because they’ve destroyed bikes and rakes by driving over them. Yet it happens a lot. This is where heavy-duty wall racks are the ideal solution. Using these handy-to-reach wall racks you maintain easy access to your frequently used items. Meanwhile, they are well in sight and out of harm’s way.

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