Most people today would look around and say that they have far too many material possessions, and the truth of the matter is that these possessions often end up in the garage. We call these useless possessions “clutter,” and the focus of today is to get rid of the clutter and have your garage back to its best form as soon as possible. Luckily, Philadelphia Garage has all the tips and tools you need to accomplish this in just a few easy steps!

The first step to removing clutter and getting the most out of your garage is to take a few deep breaths and start to think outside of the box. Walk around your garage and think about what it would look like if it were empty. Are there any unused nooks or crannies that you forgot about or maybe are blocked off? Have you ever noticed just how high your ceilings are? Maybe you can use that space rather than having the floor covered with boxes.

The next step to take is to start moving things into organized piles by category. Make a stack of your car repair tools, a stack for your golf gear, a stack for yard stuff, and a stack for the mementos. While stacking, grab a trash bag (or a box of them!) and begin the cleanse. The cleanse involves anything you haven’t touched in over a year. Once you throw a few things aside and commit to getting rid of them, you will find that it becomes easier to get rid of the other stuff as well. It’s a quite normal phenomenon to believe you need to keep things like a hoarder, up until the point that you start to clean it all up. If you have a local charity or donation center, keep a few bags aside for items that you think can find a second life with a different owner. The best way to lower your waste footprint is to simply make sure things are being used!

Additionally, as you are creating stacks of clutter, keep a detailed list of everything you have in the garage. This will help both in your re-organization efforts and your continued ability to purge what you do not need. Sometimes, all it takes is to look at things written down in an inventory. A pro-tip is to find things (mostly mementos) that can be digitized. Old photo albums or VHS tapes are key culprits here. Hard drive storage is much smaller than physical storage, and thus is much cheaper!

The final step to conquering the clutter is to take your garage and find new solutions. Our website is clearly detailed in how Philadelphia Garage is built to help you find the proper place for everything in a beautiful and sturdy fashion. We offer storage solutions ranging from custom cabinetry to wire wall racks, to above car ceiling racks. Let us help you get your stuff off of the floor and into its own designated space with our free consultations and advice. Don’t wait to contact us, our professionals are available for this exact purpose. We guarantee that you will be happy with your newfound spacious garage with our amazing installations that are built to last. Breathe a sigh of relief, you conquered the clutter!

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