A common misperception that a lot of potential clients have is that they need to have a brand-new garage to have an epoxy floor installed. That might come in the form of a newly poured concrete slab, or a new construction of a garage itself. At Philadelphia Garage, we are here to tell you that this is simply not the case. We have installed our epoxy floor coatings on garage floors that are well over 50 years old and in decent but not perfect condition.

Our installers are expertly trained to handle all the different conditions that they may face on a day-to-day installation. Due to seasonal changes, concrete in a garage can expand and contract quite significantly throughout the seasons, causing cracks and other structural issues. That is why we like to have an in-person estimate so we can see the condition to properly assess the conditions and recommend the correct solution for your garage concrete.

We had a recent client located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He reached out to our office and explained that he was concerned about the pitting on his garage floor that has happened over time from everyday wear and tear, and he wanted something that would not only protect the concrete but also leave his garage aesthetically pleasing.

When our Sales expert arrived at our future client’s home and saw his garage, he was able to put the client’s mind at ease. This is something we have dealt with hundreds of times in the past, and we here at Philadelphia Garage know that we would be able to provide a clean installation that will surpass any expectations that the client may have. The hardest decision that would be made that day was what color flake he would like on his floor.

Taking the pictures before the installation back to our installers, our sales representative was able to sit down with the foreman and come up with a plan that would provide the best installation possible for the client. Armed with all the information from our representative, the foreman was able to provide our client with the best installation for his space just days before Christmas.

Our epoxy floor coatings are installed for numerous purposes, yes, they are beautiful and a great talking point during your next BBQ. We were able to install our structural epoxy systems to restore the concrete slab to a solid, smooth surface once again, which provided a great foundation to build our garage floor coating system. This provided them with a restored concrete slab with all pitting and cracks filled with 7,000 psi compound, which is stronger than the original slab, and a finishing topcoat that is beautiful and easy to clean.

Our coatings are also installed to help protect the concrete slab, as well as help with moisture issues that a client may be facing. With over 7 different flooring systems to choose from, we can create the perfect recommendation for your particular situation. Our sales representatives are prepared to answer any questions you may think of to help you make the decision that is best to provide a great long-term solution. One call to Philadelphia Garage, and we are here to help you with any questions you may have.

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