Some of our best projects here at Philadelphia Garage are from customers who have older homes, and just want to have them look appealing to the eye. We understand the client’s distaste when they open their garage door, and all they see is old painted walls and worn flooring. Some of our clients even consider this a one-time pipe dream that they are finally able to bring to life.

Take a previous client in Villanova. They reached out to Philadelphia Garage asking for help with their walls. The client was sick of looking at bags and plastic containers of years’ worth of memories that they had collected. The client explained during their first initial call that they knew they wanted garage cabinets, and they knew they wanted to do their entire garage, but that was as far as they had decided.

Before Chipped floors and a lack of functional storage.

When our design expert arrived to discuss this project with the future client, he noticed the chipped paint that was already on the garage floor. After speaking with the client about what their goal was for this garage and the project, he learned that what they considered a pipe dream was much more easily attainable than expected. When our design expert arrived, he was able to speak with the client and discuss exactly what they wanted to be done. When he learned they were also interested in the floor but were concerned with the price, he was able to leave a separate quote for an aesthetically pleasing epoxy floor coating that would match their cabinets perfectly.

Our designer took the client’s ideas back to his office and began to create an elaborate cabinet design to fit all of the client’s future needs. He took into consideration that they wanted to store items they have collected throughout their time together and traveling over the years. The only requirement they had was when they opened the garage door, it was something they could show off — garage envy!

After Garage envy!

Our client in Villanova was blown away by both the design and attention to detail that our team provided. With one more quick trip out to the client’s home, our designer brought samples of the different colors of cabinets that we offer to match the color of the flake flooring that the client chose. At Philadelphia Garage, we make sure that we provide you with the luxury garage of your dreams and are more than happy to stop by with samples as needed to make sure you choose the color that fits your vision.

While waiting on the installation to take place for the cabinets, our flooring installers arrived and got to work on the epoxy floor coating that the client had envisioned. Just a few weeks later, our Certified Master Installers were back to put in the cabinets. The client was left with exactly what they had wanted. Philadelphia Garage is proud to stand behind our work, our client’s happiness is what makes this family-run business work.

Get a garage that makes your neighbors envious!

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