Although you likely view your garage as the main space to store tools, spare items, and vehicles, it can be so much more with just a little creativity.

Today, a garage is no longer just a dumping ground for “stuff” as people have gotten innovative with remodeling the space to their absolute benefit. The dark and rusted room can now be a functional place for family rec activities.

Tips For A Family-Friendly Garage Revamp

Here are six tips to help you remodel your garage into a welcoming, family-friendly space.

  1. Maximize the Storage
  2. For many artists and DIY enthusiasts, a big dream is to have a fully equipped workshop within their homes. Usually, the DIY tools are dumped in the garage for storage. However, if you have children, it is advised to store your tools in a heightened, secure space to avoid any accidents.
    Get a workbench or locked garage cabinet to store your tools and essentials. This way, they will be within a secure location and away from small hands. Installing a pegboard or utilizing a secured toolbox is also a great idea to keep the room from looking messy and disorganized.

  3. Store Dangerous Materials In Lockable Containers
  4. Gasoline, oil, lawn care products, and paints are hazardous substances typically stored in garages. Disorderly storage of such liquids increases the risk of fire from ignition caused by surface contact with a leaking combustible liquid or flammable vapor.

    Labeling and placing these hazardous chemicals and solvents in secure cabinets can be a game changer. With such chemicals and substances locked out of the way, you can rest easy knowing that a child or a pet would have a hard time coming in contact with them.

  5. Overhead Storage System for Seasonal Items
  6. The ceiling of your garage is the perfect place to store all those light- to medium-weight seasonal supplies you don’t always need.

    Camping equipment, decorations, and out-of-season clothes can be safely stored in the overhead garage cabinets, keeping them out of sight until needed. Installing a ceiling-mounted storage system within a garage is a one-day process, and it is one of our most-installed organization systems.

  7. Create Safer Floors with Epoxy Slip Resistant Coating
  8. Unmaintained garage floors are risky to walk on, especially during and after rainstorms and snowfalls. Losing footing due to a flood or a spill can result in severe injuries.

    However, the worst can be avoided with an epoxy floor coating on your garage floor, as it is a smooth, non-slip surface with a great visual appeal that will last for years. Epoxy garage floors have a slight gripping texture that makes them highly slip-resistant, even under dire conditions. Children are safer in a garage with a non-slip epoxy coating.

  9. Hang Bigger Tools on Hooks
  10. Storing massive and bulkier tools, like shovels and ladders, within cabinets might not be the safest idea and can be risky.

    We advise hanging them on hooks attached to the wall so they can be within your range while still being off the floor and out of your children’s reach.

  11. Get Garage Storage Tubes
  12. Want a low-cost organization tip? Use cardboard tubes to store lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and other long and heavy sports equipment, as well as long-handled tools and rolls of any material.

    You can attach the tubes to the garage wall using a 2×4 to keep them out of your way.

    From ingenious methods for storing equipment to using vertical storage ideas, these tips will help you convert your dark, dreary garage into a safe and productive area for you and your family. However, there is no one way to organize a garage — it is always best to consult an expert to ensure that your garage remodeling turns out the way you always dreamt it to be.

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