If you’ve come to realize your garage needs a little TLC, you’re probably investigating different garage organization solutions. Cabinets are a popular option, but why should you choose custom garage cabinets over ordinary models you can purchase anywhere? Consider these six reasons and you’ll soon realize the logic behind customizing your garage storage solutions.

Heavy-Duty Construction Withstands Hefty Loads

Custom garage cabinets from Philadelphia Garage come with commercial-grade, 3/4-inch-thick vertical panels. Combined with 1-inch thick, thermal-fused melamine decks and shelves, you can trust your cabinets to last for years to come with no sagging, warping, or de-lamination. These dimensions are 25% thicker than the industry standard for garage cabinets.

Wall Mounting Keeps Cabinets Off the Floor

It’s beneficial to have a few inches between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. This way, water damage is very unlikely in case of a flood. The buffer zone also lowers the chance of pests finding their way into the cabinets and potentially damaging your belongings.

All-Steel Construction Strengthens the Corners

When it comes to durable garage organization, choosing high-quality products is best. The steel hardware found in our custom garage cabinets keeps the corners strong and sturdy so you can trust them to last for years to come.

Adjustable Shelves Provide Versatility

With the ability to adjust and remove shelves, you can customize your storage solution to meet your precise needs. Put multiple shelves close together to maximize space when storing small items. Remove or rearrange shelves to facilitate storing taller objects.

Full-Width Openings House Bulkier Items

Thanks to thicker construction, our cabinets have superior strength and don’t require a center post. With this obstruction removed, you can more easily fit items with twice the bulk in your custom garage cabinets.

Multiple Sizes and Colors Offer Endless Design Options

While functionality is vitally important for successful garage storage, aesthetics matter, too. With our wide array of size options and 22 colors to choose from, you can customize the look to match any setup. Some color options have a white interior while others have matching colors inside and out. Pick from beautiful wood laminates or sleek solids in black, brown, gray, and white. We’re sure to have a design that suits your aesthetic preferences.

If you think custom garage cabinets sound like the right solution for you, now is the perfect time to begin the design and implementation process. You don’t need to go it alone! Get help sizing, selecting, and installing the perfect cabinets for your home with the help of Philadelphia Garage. Contact us today to schedule a free on-site design consultation. We can help transform your vision of a clean, organized garage into reality.

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