Who doesn’t have gardening, home, or car equipment lying in their garage? Intentional or not, your garage is likely a dumping ground for your gadgets and hardware, making it hard to keep track of tools when needed.

Instead of dumping your tools in your garage and making it one of the most cluttered spaces in the house, you should organize your essentials. There are multiple ways to organize your garage from top to bottom, no matter the type of equipment and tool.

This article will walk you through six practical garage storage ideas to make your space as clutter-free and functional as possible.

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Organizing a garage can be tricky and challenging, especially when you have a diverse range of tools and equipment. Since garage organization isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we’ve rounded up the best tool storage ideas.

Listed below are the six tips to optimize your garage space and make it more organized:

  1. Take Inventory
  2. Before organizing your tools, create an inventory list to understand your garage storage needs. Separate your tools into three categories, such as:

    • Keep: This includes tools and equipment you need daily
    • Sell/Donate: It involves items that are in good condition but are no longer wanted or needed
    • Discard: This category includes broken tools

    This will save you time and energy when organizing tools in your garage. Discard broken hardware and sell or donate equipment you don’t use anymore. This should leave you with all the essential tools and equipment you can store and organize.

  3. Create Zones for Various Categories
  4. When you have the required tools and equipment on hand, divide them into various categories like power tools, gardening tools, etc.

    Create zones and keep similar items together in various cabinets, bins, or drawers. For instance, you can keep automotive tools and equipment under the “Car Tools Section” and home repair tools like wrench, hand saw, and pliers under the “Home Repair Tools Section.”

    Also, you can use labels for inventory locations. This should help you find the tools you require without making a mess.

  5. Purchase a Good Toolkit or Toolbox
  6. Also called a workbox or tool chest, a toolkit is a perfect option to store your extensive tool collection, from hammers to utility knives.

    You can place similar tools in various sections of your toolbox and easily bring them to your house when making critical home repairs. Also, you can put it on cabinets and slat walls.

    When looking for a toolkit, buy one made of steel or lightweight plastic with multiple drawers to keep even bulky equipment. Believe it or not, toolboxes make finding the right tools and equipment easy and quick.

  7. Use Vertical Slatwall
  8. If you have a blank wall in your garage, take the opportunity to install a vertical slatwall system like you often see in retail stores. The slatwall organization is a great garage management technique to keep larger tools like clippers or cables organized and neat.

    You can choose just one section or cover your entire wall in a slatwall based on your needs. Moreover, you can remove or add panels if your storage needs change.

    Keep your gadgets and hardware organized by hanging multiple accessories like baskets, tool racks, bins, and hooks. In addition to organizing your tools, slatwall systems help improve the overall aesthetics of your garage.

  9. Install Garage Storage Cabinets
  10. Like slatwall systems, cabinets help optimize your garage space while providing a clean, fresh, and enjoyable look. They’re attractive and come in various finishes to choose from.

    When looking for garage cabinets, choose locked cabinets to place dangerous items like circular saws and power tools away from curious hands.

  11. Use Overhead Garage Storage
  12. Don’t let the garage space above your head go to waste – it’s a perfect place to keep home supplies, garden tools, seasonal decorations, outdoor furniture, sporting equipment, and much more.

    You can include overhead garage storage for rarely used tools. It mounts to your garage ceiling and provides extra space for your tools beyond slatwall and cabinets.

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