When you start to think about getting your garage in order, you realize that the floor is much more important than you previously considered. Your whole family walks on the garage floor many times a day, making safety and durability vital to your daily life. Ask these five questions about garage floor coating before you have it installed, and you will be well prepared.

  1. What is the Most Durable Garage Floor Coating?
  2. You do have a few options for garage flooring, including epoxy floor coating. A lot of homeowners try to make do with plastic floor tiles or garage floor mats, but neither option is an effective or permanent solution. Tiles are difficult to keep clean. They show dirt very easily, which makes the space look messier than it is. Garage floor mats wear out quickly and visibly, so the garage appears shabby not long after you buy them. Even do-it-yourself epoxy flooring kits are generally an inferior investment because the materials are not always of the highest quality.
    Since installation is crucial to a durable garage floor coating, your best bet will always be a professional epoxy flooring coating. The epoxy adheres to the existing concrete in such a way that it creates a solid surface with no gaps or opportunities for underground moisture or spills up top to cause trouble. Expert skill gets the job done relatively quickly, with no worry that it will start to chip or crack in a few months.

  3. How Will the Garage Floor Coating Look with My Garage Décor?
  4. As with so many things about your garage, practicality, and durability have to balance with aesthetics to be useful for you. It is not a good idea to have excellent garage storage with garage flooring that feels out of place. You would be surprised how much an expert can vary the final result of an epoxy floor coating, based on your specifications. If you go for a decorative chip garage floor coating, you might request a saturation that is as heavily speckled as granite, or as lightly speckled as an eggshell. You can always have the color applied in a solid shade, as bright as a child’s bedroom, or as neutral as the dictates of current design trends. The best part is that you can select hues to match your garage storage or the flooring in the rest of your home.

  5. How Much Maintenance Will My Garage Floor Coating Need?
  6. Once you see how easy it is to keep epoxy floor coating clean, you will think that you were crazy to go so long without it. If you have proper installation for the floor coating, you should be able to see how spills that used to sink into the concrete are now easy to wipe clear. Before, preventing oil stains required you to place something over the spill to absorb the liquid, plus cleansers to get it out of the concrete. Epoxy floor coating is non-porous, which means that it will not absorb oil, water, or drinks that are spilled on it. All you have to do is sweep it regularly and wipe melted snow off with a towel or mop.

  7. How Long Does Garage Floor Coating Take to Apply?
  8. There are several steps in the installation process. They may take several days or more than a week, depending on the weather and the condition of your garage. You must plan to have the coating applied during dry weather, which can be a little difficult to predict during the winter. It is yet another reason to have an expert guiding the process.

    Cleaning: The entire garage floor must be scrupulously cleaned. Epoxy must be applied to a dry surface; therefore, getting rid of the dampness and the oil spots is vital for complete installation. If the space is already clear and swept, cleaning may not take as long.

    Garage Floor Repair and Preparation: The surface of the garage floor should not be perfectly smooth. Epoxy bonds to cement that has been roughed up slightly. Your installer may scatter a particular kind of acid on the floor to etch it a little and then wash away the acid. All cracks are repaired using an epoxy crack filler and giving it time to set.

    Application of Epoxy: The epoxy is mixed and applied to the garage floor in layers, which must be allowed to fully dry between coats. This is the time when any additional decorations or practical aspects are added, such as acrylic chips or non-skid granules. Each coat can take up to 16 hours to dry, so you may need 2-3 days for this step alone.

    Add A Topcoat: The last coat gives the garage floor coating its classic shine and makes cleaning easier. This task must be done very carefully because the topcoat dries extremely quickly. Within about a week of completion, you can park your car on top of it.

  9. Is There a Warranty?
  10. One of the best ways for you to tell if you have a good company to install your garage floor coating is the warranty. Epoxy floor coatings, when made of quality materials and applied by an expert hand, are designed to hold up well for over a decade. As such, any business that works hard to deserve your patronage will offer some kind of guarantee on the service it provides. Cracks and chips are unlikely, but they do happen from time to time. Ask what kind of warranty is provided on materials and labor, in case you have a problem with the floor coating.

    A garage floor coating that is protective from the elements, easy to clean, and helps to keep you safe. What is not to love? When you are considering upgrading your garage floor, contact us today for a free garage floor coating consultation.

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