Let’s face it; the garage is rarely the most organized space in American homes. In fact, that’s where things go to get dumped for years until someone remembers them and rescues them.

For many, this means leaving all old equipment, tools, bikes, clothes, and décor in the garage. This makes the space a safety risk and, quite frankly, an eyesore for neighbors and guests.

Why not organize your garage for good?

4 Efficient Ways To Optimize Your Garage Storage

Let’s talk about four cost-efficient and effective storage methods for your garage.

Overhead Storage

If you have tons of spare equipment and tools that you rarely use, overhead storage is the ideal garage storage solution for you. It is a large storage rack that can mount to the ceiling allowing you to maximize space that often gets overlooked.

You can group like items together. For example, you can place car parts in one section of overhead storage and tools in other. You can also store cables, ladders, electrical extensions, and hoses in your overhead storage. Overhead storage also protects your goods from flood water.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are one of the most effective traditional methods of adding additional garage storage. If you have loads of unwanted boxes and have no idea where to place them, cabinets are the answer. Finally, a place for your boxes of stuff that actually looks neat!

The best thing about adding cabinets to your garage is the flexibility. You can place them in various arrangements and create your own designs – but if you don’t know where to start, our design experts can create the perfect cabinetry plan for you. We recommend assigning different categories to different cabinets. For example, you can store all your fishing equipment in one cabinet and car tools in another.

Slatwall Storage

Another protective and attractive way to increase your garage storage capacity is by installing slatwall storage. Slatwall storage creates a way to hang wire bins and hooks for organizing items like sporting equipment, rakes, and tools. The slatwall surface resists dust and other debris. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it often, plus you can change the configuration of bins and hooks as needed to re-organize your items

Slatwall storage gives you the complete flexibility to store your goods while making the garage attractive with its minimalist and modern interior.

Gridwall Storage

A gridwall storage system attaches to your garage walls. Gridwall panels are made from heavy-duty metal wires, placed horizontally and vertically. You can place tools like shovels, brooms, gardening, and car tools.

You can create custom designs and have different colors for your wall. Another effective way of storing tools on a gridwall is to create sections for different tools and equipment. This way, you can have quick access to all your necessary things. You can add attachments to your gridwall and place hammers, shovels, and pipes.

Let Professionals Help You With Your Garage Storage

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