As we head into winter, you might wonder what the best flooring option is to have in your garage. You may not want to spend a great deal of money, but you need a garage floor that will support you and all the activities you do in your garage. These four garage flooring options have various benefits, but there are reasons to choose some over others.

  1. Rollout Mats
  2. The biggest benefit that rollout mats have to go for them is that they are very simple to install. Just roll them out, and you are done. They are quite durable, but they do not resist stains very well from hot tires or chemicals. In the winter ice and snow, they may become a slipping hazard.

  3. Snap-Together Tiles
  4. There are also tiles that you can put in your garage that snap together. They are made from stiff plastic and can handle the weight of your car without breaking. Since they are not soft, they are less porous. That makes them easy to clean and ensures some resistance to chemicals. However, they can get slippery in freezing weather, and they can scratch your garage floor or things that you set on top of the tiles.

  5. Concrete Floor Paint
  6. If you just want something on the floor, but you have an extremely limited budget, concrete floor paint will provide you with the bare minimum. It is tougher than wall paint, so it is somewhat less likely to be scratched. Concrete floor paint is the least expensive of all garage flooring, which means that there are some compromises on quality. It is not as durable as other coatings, so it may be damaged by road salts and chemical spills.

  7. Epoxy Floor Coating
  8. The most outstanding custom garage flooring option is undoubtedly the epoxy floor coating. This coating requires careful preparation and installation of the flooring to ensure an effective result. The product and the process make epoxy floor coating the most expensive of these garage flooring selections; however, the investment is worth it. With this kind of floor coating, you get your choice of colors and styles. It is glossy and built to look stunning for several years. When you see how easy it is to clean and maintain this floor, you will understand why it is the top choice.

    The key to getting the garage flooring that is right for you is to balance your need for quality with your budgetary constraints. You may not need to make too many compromises, especially if you are willing to invest in your home’s quality. If you want more information about the ways that custom garage flooring can improve your home, request a free on-site design consultation.

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