Sometimes, professionals make a job seem so easy you feel like you could easily manage it yourself. You might look at a showroom-quality garage floor coating and think, ‘I could do that.” However, oftentimes you will find that all the money you hoped to save on a DIY project goes to pay for repairs and replacement. When it comes to garage floor coating, you simply cannot beat the professional installation from Philadelphia Garage for durability, high-quality finish, and time saved. Here are three reasons why garage floor coating should be left to the professionals:

  1. Lack of Durability
  2. The major problem with DIY epoxy coating or other floor coating kits is that they look like they should be as good as a professional job. The trouble is, the kits are not intended to be durable. You put in the flooring to match your new garage organization system and before you know it, the coating peels or chips. Now what? You get to spend your time trying to fix it. If you choose a qualified business to provide this service for you, you will receive a professional coating designed to withstand the elements without peeling or cracking.

  3. Lack of High-Quality Finish
  4. In many ways, DIY is all about cutting corners in the hopes that you might save some money. This is also true for the finish on epoxy floor coatings. The DIY kits often fail to include the important clear layer on top. Without this layer, you lose the shine that makes a professional garage floor look so appealing. You also put your new floor at risk. That clear coating on top prevents hot tires from damaging the floor, leading to chips, cracking, peeling, or worse.

  5. Time Commitment
  6. The more you know about a particular subject in the field of home improvement, the more you may realize how much you do not yet understand. Even if you are willing to take the potential risks when you do not add that clear coating, you still face an uphill battle in getting the floor coating installed properly. The professionals at Philadelphia Garage can install a new garage floor coating in about two days, while you sit back and enjoy some leisure time. If you do it yourself, you can plan on spending about a week with your garage out of commission, while you struggle to install a sub-par DIY kit on the floor.

    Many people who try to go the DIY route find that they would have been much happier just hiring the right business to do the hard work for them. You can learn from their mistakes by gaining a greater understanding of the durability and high-quality finish you get from a professional garage floor coating, without having to invest as much of your precious time. When you are ready for a garage that gleams, contact Philadelphia Garage for a free on-site design consultation.

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